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  1. 6 minutes ago, JE7HorseGod said:

    I just don't think "blame" is really all that productive right now.

    Blame isn't going to flatten the curve.  It's not going to bring more ventilators.  It's not going to restore consumer confidence.

    I could honestly give two poops what any pol says these days, to be candid.  I'm not going to the beach because Brian Kemp says it's cool.  I'm not going to bang down my docs door to stock up on HQL because I guess they're selling it now at the pressers.

    Really I'm just at the point where I want to hear from the experts, not the suits.  They're not bringing anything to the table for me other than fodder for these types of discussions.  Their role at this point to me should be introduction of Doctor so and so and shut the heck up.  JMO.

    I 100% agree. Unfortunately some people never want to let a good tragedy go to waste. This thread is full of attempts to blame and not sharing of information. 

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  2. Just now, UberRebel said:



    Thanks for posting this. I think Trump deserves his fair share of the blame in all of this, but this thread has turned into a piling-on on one man. I didn't vote for Trump but I don't understand the obsession some people have with taking every. single. opportunity. to bash this guy and spin everything into his fault. It's like nothing I've ever seen before.



    It’s Facebook. It’s twitter. It’s not reasonable. It’s people with preconceived ideas. They’re going to blame him no matter what. I didn’t vote for him either. I took great issue with him insinuating governors who weren’t friendly or kissing up to him enough might not get medical supplies. But see, I’m a principled adult who can see right and wrong. Much of the population isn’t that and yes, you see it first hand in this thread. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, MrBrett said:

    For the record don't blame Trump for the virus and there's plenty of blame to go around, however there's plenty of evidence using his own words he downplayed the threat. Why? I will let everyone come to their own conclusions.

    Here’s a great video of the media and all the Democrats downplaying it. Pelosi and deBlasio telling their constituents to go downtown. Bernie Sanders, in MARCH, saying Trump was xenophobic for limiting flights from China. Please, watch the whole thing, then tell me that this revisionist history is somehow true. 


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  4. 3 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    Your citation and quote you posted literally said it was akin the flu. Don’t see how it’s a straw man to point that out. You saying you don’t have a post with that quote directly in it about a page back?

    No, it didn’t literally say that. “...may ultimately...”

    So yeah, strawman. 

  5. 1 minute ago, daynlokki said:

    Ya, you quoted the medical journal therefore I’m quoting what you are saying. This doesn’t have the same death rate as the flu is the point. It’s at LEAST ten times higher and listed as such by both the CDC and WHO. So with what you are projecting for multiply deaths by ten. That’s the point. This isn’t the flu. It’s much, much deadlier and by posting false info like that the death rate is similar when that’s been proven patently false is arguing in bad faith. 

    Go click on the link. It’s a medical journal. Actually read it. Then DM me to further this conversation. 

  6. 10 minutes ago, cornerback said:

    please...its not like the flu. watch trumps presser today. he walked back his own Talking Point from recent weeks. as you should too. Trump  slowly gets it. took weeks. i hope its not too late and everyone will understand it and act accordingly.

    I’m assuming you’re talking to me, and this is part of the problem. The link I shared was a medical journal that included Dr. Fauci saying once this is done, the death rate will be akin to the seasonal flu. It’s going to be Way more deadly because of all the things we know about how contagious it is, lack of ventilators, etc. It was a sentence about rate. And the suggested numbers today bare that out.

    But one person can’t grasp the point, continue using strawman arguments, then someone pops in and sees that one part and thinks I’m comparing it to the flu.


  7. 7 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    Might wanna scroll back to my first post today quoting backdoor. Where it says covid is. 

    The RATE. It’s cited. You’re not quoting me, you’re quoting a medical journal. Take your numbers:

    40% of population gets it = 130M

    130M x 0.1% (same rate as flu) = 130,000 deaths

    Currently projecting 100,000+.

    So again I ask, what aren’t you grasping? 

  8. 7 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    Seems pertinent and well known. If you are citing a person specifically assume anything they have ever said, especially recently on the specific situation is gonna come up. It directly contradicts what you are saying. 

    It doesn’t contradict anything. Two things can happen here:

    1) The death rate ends well <1%, as he suggests

    2) Because of the number who will be infected, that will be a large number, maybe 100,000+ in the US.

    So he is not contradicting himself, and I’m not sure what you don’t get about this. 

    HINT: Take 100M people (who may get infected) and multiply that by 0.001. See what number you come up with.

  9. 5 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    Those number undoubtably will change. Funny your side only believes him when it fits your agenda. Fauci also recently stated he believes this pandemic will kill between 100,000-200,000 Americans. 
    Notice you didn’t bring that portion of his predictions up. The flu kills less than one tenth of one singular percent of those who contract it. The death rate for covid is at least ten times more, even at 1%. 

    I don’t play sides. I just like to deal with facts. This isn’t political to me. This is life and death for many around the world.

    Yeah, I gave a link with some points of discussion. I did not include everything he’s ever said. You got me man.

  10. 7 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    And my post is purely about statistics instead of projection or guessing work. Per 100,000 infected numbers of both show covid as hundreds of times more deadly than the flu last year. I mean the current death trends put this closer to the Spanish flu epidemic than the post you made. The fact they start by saying they ASSUME something already shows it has zero scientific basing. You don’t assume in science. 
    Secondly out of all the closed cases over the entire world the death rate isn’t 1%. It’s not 5%. It’s now grown to 19%. Out of all finalized cases not currently being treated almost 1 in 5 has ended in death. 

    Those numbers will change. But ok. Take it up with Dr. Fauci and the New England Journal of Medicine. Let them know you’re daynlokki from rotoworld when you call.

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  11. 12 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    Seasonal flu killed 14 people out of every 100,000 infected last year. You honestly believe this is just like a flu? Over 3,000 dead in 150,000 cases so far. Just over a hundred times more deadly. 

    No. But those aren’t my words. I linked some information from some experts. 

  12. 1 minute ago, TribeFoo said:

    Ohio has moved its projected peak up about a week to April 20ish. We have been under statewide stay-at-home orders for around 2 weeks. It’s estimated 2/3 of the population is cooperating.

    We’ve been close to 2 weeks as well here in Michigan. But more deaths than Washington and California, and only behind New York and New Jersey. Much less must be cooperating? 

  13. Looking at the breakdown in states is wild. NY is a petri dish when you consider population density, word travelers, and public transportation. That said, when California was going shelter in place, De Blasio was encouraging all New Yorkers to be “business as usual.” 
    New York has over 65,000 more cases and almost 1,400 more deaths than California to this point. What a catastrophic disaster. 

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  14. 11 minutes ago, tonycpsu said:

    The percentage of a claim that may be true is a pretty poor metric on which to judge its effect on the conversation.  There are a lot of claims that have a non-zero percentage of truth to them that would not be suitable for inclusion in this discussion.

    At the same time, nobody should be treating anyone here like idiots, and if someone is doing that, please report it to us.  But at a certain point, if you're making specific claims that don't hold up to scrutiny and require a percentage to express how correct they are, well, it's also your responsibility to read the room and understand that we're in a time of crisis, and people here are dealing with the disease themselves and hearing from friends and loved ones who have it, making even the most accurate "well, actually, it's not so bad" statement poorly-timed and therefore unlikely to lead to a productive conversation.

    But none of us know yet. It’s literally all speculation. And yes, we should be listening to the authorities, one of which (and maybe THE authority) here is saying, “...the clinical consequences of COVID-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza.”  So I don’t think we need to ridicule or shout down people who ultimately agree with Dr. Fauci. 

  15. 4 minutes ago, 2ndCitySox said:

    I've read 1% is more likely (but we will see). The bigger concern with covid is just how contagious it can be, and how long it can last away from a person (meaning on a surface like metal, plastic, suspended in air), hence some of the drastic actions that have been suggested or enforced to minimize the spread. Season flu % also accounts for hospitals being able to handle the load. That is not the case in some of the major hotspots like NYC (and likely more places to follow).


    100%. And I’ve said and acknowledged as much here. It is a different animal, as evidence by the fact that we need to shut society down just to get it at the number it ends at (hopefully <1%). And because it’s so contagious, even if it ends at 0.1%, the death rate will be much higher because of the millions more who get it.

    My point was more about the poster who has a superiority complex while making sweeping generalizations, yet acting like he’s the authority here. People saying “it’s not much different than the flu” aren’t 100% right, and we should have the dialogue you and I are having now. But clearly they’re not 100% wrong, and shouldn’t be treated as idiots by random rotoworld poster.

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  16. 12 hours ago, MrBrown said:

    Ok Dr. Phil.. You're just assuming these people are using "Baseball in May" as some kind of coping mechanism :facepalm:  Rather than they just have a total lack of awareness to the magnitude of this pandemic.  Jeez probably in the last 10 comments we have someone else saying there's less to be concerned with COVID19 than the seasonal flu.

    Plenty of people (members here too) believe this is just propaganda and conspiracy.  Those people are far more common than you think (thats obvious)

    The New England Journal of Medicine and Dr. Fauci may disagree with you. Some guy shared this on Facebook, but I made sure to tell him it must not be true because MrBrown on rotoworld said otherwise. 

    “If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.2



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  17. 20 hours ago, Brye said:

    You do realize story isn’t a true 300 hitter? He’s more around the 270 range, you also realize Harper is going to crush it this year ? 

    “You do realize Story isn’t going to do what he’s been doing, and Harper is going to do what he hasn’t done in 6 years, right?”

    Hey Nostradamus...you got taken to the woodshed in these deals. Hope they bought you dinner and a drink first at least 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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  18. 13 minutes ago, TribeFoo said:

    Man, did I get off Facebook at just the right time. What a tire fire that trash site is.

    With social distancing guidelines now through April (as of the administration's press conference yesterday. That could easily change with one Trump/Fox News interview), I'd say the "baseball in May" crowd needs to find a new month. Best case scenario now is spring training baseball towards the end of May, IMO. But again, with each state handling this differently, trying to plan around a national sport is practically impossible. If all states would just issue stay-at-home orders now (forget federal, it's abundantly clear that won't be happening), we'd have a chance at baseball in June. As long as states like Florida refuse to do anything (issuing "safer at home" orders, whatever that means, doesn't count), starting up any sport is going to be extra difficult. Every day we're not on national lock down tacks on several more days until we have a chance at baseball. This country's response, especially as it ravages major cities, is stunningly awful.

    So, baseball in May?

  19. 11 minutes ago, reichl555 said:

    Exactly my point.  You have less than 1% of dying from this virus.  Media hyping this **** to unbelievable heights.  CBS just got busted for showing fake footage of a NY hospital.  It was actually Italy hospitals they were showing.  Like the one guy on CNN said the other day, “The fear and paranoia from this virus will be far worse than the virus itself”. Folks I’m not saying this isn’t serious by any means but this hype train is real. 

    I’m guessing you don’t have a loved one who is a nurse or doctor and on the front lines. Because if you did and heard the nightly stories, you just wouldn’t say this. 

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  20. 26 minutes ago, MrBrown said:

    Ok Dr. Phil.. You're just assuming these people are using "Baseball in May" as some kind of coping mechanism :facepalm:  Rather than they just have a total lack of awareness to the magnitude of this pandemic.  Jeez probably in the last 10 comments we have someone else saying there's less to be concerned with COVID19 than the seasonal flu.

    Plenty of people (members here too) believe this is just propaganda and conspiracy.  Those people are far more common than you think (thats obvious)

    Denial, also a coping mechanism. But...


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  21. 2 hours ago, MrBrown said:

    We really don't need to dig that far back when people are still making asinine "baseball in May" posts.  A lot of people early on had no idea.  Media and government were saying US shouldn't be concerned.  Many people in the medical field didn't believe it was anything worse than a "bad flu season"  as if it was only killing people who were already on the verge of dying.  Most people have woke up by now, but still so many tin foil cap wearers too.

    This is a tragedy. This has upended everyone’s lives in some way. And like death, people are handling things differently. Some people look at worst case scenario. Some people just try to to look at things logically. And some people need to have some hope. Hope isn’t a bad thing (as long as they’re not ignoring safety protocol), and I don’t think we need to call it asinine that people are hopeful our country will have some normalcy in 6 weeks. It might be unlikely, but let’s let everyone deal with this tragedy in their own way.

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  22. 1 minute ago, Redphan said:

    I read that you have less than 1% chance of dying if you get the Corona (.66%); I know the older population is affected more but man..can we get back to normal within the next month please!

    No one knows yet. Part of the problem:

    Wuhan residents are increasingly skeptical of the Chinese Communist Party’s reported coronavirus death count of approximately 2,500 deaths in the city to date, with most people believing the actual number is at least 40,000.


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  23. 1 hour ago, GamblorLA said:


    He was a .3 WAR last year, which pretty well reflects his fantasy contribution.  

    Projections this year have him making significant improvements to about .290 with 22-5 HRs and no speed.  He projects as the #10 3b  in 12 team 5x5, which would make him a loss at current adp. 

    So IF he takes a step forward as projections suggest he's already damaged his owners for 2 years.  And where does he go from there?  

    Like I said, it's softly penciled in but I don't like where it's headed.  

    My take away from this, fwiw, is not to be too keen on guys who don't run at all (or who are totally hopeless in any one category).  Yeah, maybe he turns the corner and is Arenado, but I think I prefer having a broader path to fantasy success.  It's so hard to predict this stuff, I think you want as many ways as possible for things to go right.  That's why I took Jarred Kelenic rather than Julio Rodriguez this year.  

    So I’m not too worried about the WAR for ~120 games of his age 20 season.

    But fair on the fantasy aspects. I just had a problem because this started really as fantasy AND real life baseball busts. I mean, someone then mentioned Corey Seager, who is 25 and has had TWO 6+ WAR seasons. But I get that he hasn’t been as fantasy relevant I guess.

    But I still think Vladdy Jr is going to be much like Miggy, and have some .320+/40 HR seasons. But way too premature. I don’t think anyone under 25 should be listed in this thread. My $0.02.

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