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  1. 19 minutes ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

    Oh teacher teacher I know why we have playoffs.  We have playoffs so the very BEST teams can compete to win the World Series.  The cream of the crop.  The ones that earned it over a long, rough season.  They won the right to play head-to-head for it.  Not so middling, participation trophy teams can try and get lucky at the end.

    Does a Cinderella team sometimes win in this format?  Sure but only once in a blue moon.  Which is what a Cinderella win is all about.  That it is so rare that it is memorable.  Not that every year it happens which just makes it a silly, dumb down win and not a true Cinderella win.

    Why not the best team in each league? Why do you think some middling, participation trophy winner like the 2nd place team in some division deserves a playoff spot?

    See, here’s the thing. You either think the 162 matters and the champ is crowned at the end. Or you believe in playoffs. What’s happening is everyone here has decided that YOU know the perfect amount of playoff teams that should make the playoffs (which, as you know, is laughable).

    What is the perfect amount? I don’t know. But I do know the difference between a .618 team and a .565 team isn’t all that great, and I’m ok with them playing it out in a series at the end of the year to see who gets to move on. For fun. For excitement. For fans.

    I also know that in ANY playoff, the best team doesn’t always win. That’s true of all sports. 

  2. 57 minutes ago, sleepysock said:

    The postseason is supposed to be where the best of the best duke it out. When 70-something win teams start making it in, it'll be a farce. You can't compare it to other sports; that's an apples to oranges argument and if you're making it, you've already moved the goalposts so far that you've effectively given up your side of the argument to the slaughter. It is so much easier to win a baseball game than any other type of team athletic event. This is why the 162-game season is of any value at all. It takes time to separate the wheat from the chaff. The worst NBA team of all-time won an equivalent of 17 MLB games. The best NBA team of all-time won an equivalent of 144 MLB games. Get the picture? To not only have the chaff make the postseason, but give them close to a coin-flip chance if they move to a best of 3 in the first round, is an idea so asinine that it defies explanation.

    Pretty sure everyone understands this. If the 162 means something, and we understand that in baseball anything can happen in 3 or 5 or even 7 games, than there should be no playoffs. End of the season, best team wins. Isn’t that the most fair, best way to decide a championship in baseball?

    The answer is yes. So as soon as you start to discuss WHY we even have playoffs at all, maybe you’ll start to grasp the point. 

  3. 1 minute ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

    It kills regular season baseball and does not reward excellent or at least the very least legit over .500 teams for doing the work.  Also, it is plain silly. 

    I don't want Baltimore winning the World Series this year.  There is Cinderella in 10 teams.  Fine.  16 teams?  Please.  If one of the weaker teams wins it is like one of Cinderella's two ugly step-sisters wins and turns the whole damn season into a giant pumpkin in the process.  No one wants that.

    So let’s reward true excellence and get rid of playoffs altogether. Because anything can happen in a short series, and it’s not indicative of who had the best season. So roto-style MLB. I’m down!

  4. 3 minutes ago, Hanghow said:

    Sell me on it being good. The most viewed World Series were all during the era of 4-team playoffs. They're down since the 90's Yankees run and see bigger bumps when the big market teams are in it; not when two Davids are fighting it out.

    TV ratings are meaningless. They peak in the 70s and go pretty much straight down? That has everything to do with more options on TV, declining interest in baseball, etc. If we went to 4 teams again, I promise you ratings don’t magically jump back up.

    Keeping more fan bases interested in a playoff chase into September can only be seen as a positive as far as I’m concerned.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Hanghow said:

    A top-4 team has won 63% of the NCAA tournaments. The six division winners in baseball have only accounted for 70% of World Series trophies since the implementation of the Wild Card and they're guaranteed to at least have two spots in the final four. Baseball is much much more random than basketball, as I said before and you seem to have conveniently overlooked.

    Maybe we scrap playoffs then and do roto style! We all agree 162 is a grind and we love it. Best team after 162 is the champ! Or how about top team in AL & NL just plays for the championship? Why reward those other losers who couldn’t even be the best team after 162?

    If not, what makes you think you know the correct number of playoff teams there should be? Why not have more teams, and fans, engaged in September playoff runs? And why not have stories of David knocking off Goliath? Sell me on how this is bad for baseball.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, ty5592 said:

    Horrible analogy. Currently 68 out of 350 teams make the ncaa tournament. Expanding the mlb playoffs would be like expanding the tournament to 175.  No one would want to watch it. 

    I mean, you’re wrong. Everyone would still watch. People love Cinderella stories and bad teams knocking off good teams (as long as it’s not your team). It would be like one more round lol.

    When the 83-78 Cardinals won the World Series, was everyone outraged and screaming about participation trophies? I don’t remember it. It was a fun story for many.

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  7. 1) Universal DH is a long time coming. Pitchers are awful hitters. That’s a great move. 
    2) I’m old enough to remember examples like 1985, when the Yankees were the second best team in the AL and didn’t make the playoffs. But “purists” didn’t want to expand. 
    Expanding playoffs will include more teams and fan bases in the playoff chase and the playoffs. That’s a good thing. And it won’t render the regular season meaningless. There will be many teams with a couple games of each other. 


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  8. 14 minutes ago, Rotofan24 said:


    159 ABs isn't an extremely small sample size. When you pair his performance this year with his injury at the end of 2019, it is not unreasonable to think he drops out of the first round. 

    I look at the current top 40-50 hitters in fantasy baseball and none of them jump out to me as being fluky performances. 

    I quoted a guy who gave the stats for the past 7 days. He also only spoke of him being on the can’t drop list. Nothing about first round.

    If you’d like to have a different conversation, we can. But you quoted me, yet this has nothing to do with what I was talking about.

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  9. 37 minutes ago, MonsterMan said:

    Second pick of the first round and he is way below the Mendoza line.

    In a Yahoo league, I cannot drop him and would like to free up the space to go after someone that doesn't have 13ks and a .160 avg, 1 RBI, Zero dingers in last 7 days. 



    Chapter 1- How to Lose 

    -Use extremely small sample sizes that already happened to justify moves instead of using talent/ability and/or predictive metrics to best predict future gains.

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  10. 6 hours ago, CORTEz said:

    I don't understand how he gave up 5 runs....but only got credited with 2 ER....

    There was only 1 Error in the inning and a fielders choice, in which they had no chance to get the runner at home...

    Did i miss something?

    Yes. The fielder’s choice should’ve been the 3rd out. 

  11. 1 minute ago, aapox said:


    Oh man, I totally did not realize he pitched on 8/29. That's my bad. Don't mean to spread misinformation.

    All good. Montas has been a mess, and continues to get pushed back. Maybe extra rest? Maybe he pitches better in day games and they’re willing to try anything? Not sure. 

  12. 34 minutes ago, aapox said:

    Bassitt hasn't pitched in forever. Montas will pitch tomorrow.

    Both Bassitt and Montas both last pitched on 8/29. 
    Montas will now pitch tomorrow even though he was listed as the SP today, but “Bassitt hasn’t pitched in forever,” isn’t the reason. 
    They’re saying it’s not injury related, but last time this happened with Montas it was. 

  13. 1 hour ago, papasmurf said:

    Aight who gonna roll him out there vs hou?

    Vs. SD definitely no, but those cheaters in TX presumably aren't cheating anymore. They are beatable IF Montas regains some command.

    Last outing was against HOU and he was awful. He’s firmly on my bench until I see some positives. 

  14. On 8/26/2020 at 10:46 PM, Backdoor Slider said:

    Gregory Soto could be the guy for the Tigers. Two blow ups has his era at 3.77, but no runs in his other 8 outings. His FIP and xFIP are under 3.77, and has a 11.93 K/9 and 2.51 BB/9. High Ks, low walks. A lot of things you like to see in a closer.

    Is it worth speculating on the Tigers closer? That’s up for debate. But I think Soto could get the next opportunity. 

    Got it done. Save #1 in the books. 

  15. 6 hours ago, fawkes_mulder said:

    All relievers eat a** sometimes. Taylor's still the closer on this loser, pathetic, franchise. Maybe if he has more blowups, you can mine the reliever turd pile for guys like Magill and Altavilla.

    Is Christian Yelich closing now?

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