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  1. 13 minutes ago, daynlokki said:


    There are players every year with visa issues. This the one year they all magically disappeared. Come on guys. That’s a strawman argument at best. We all know visa issues are pretty commonplace. 

    You were asked which players. You’ve listed zero. You don’t get to guess and assume. Let us know when there’s players you’re aware of that this will be a problem for. 

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  2. 6 hours ago, daynlokki said:

    There wouldn’t be an AL or NL. 


    6 hours ago, tucker26 said:


    Seems pretty straight forward to me too. 

    It would be no different than essentially a full season of “interleague play.”

    Because there’s no AL/NL in this scenario doesn’t mean we somehow forget, and Yahoo/ESPN forgets, who are the AL/NL teams.

    Of you’re in an NL only league, you draft only NL players and get only their stats.

    Agree with @89Topps here. I don’t understand the struggle one bit.

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  3. 18 minutes ago, Dr. Whom said:

    It appears Arizona cases are on the rise...

    Florida cases appear to on the downward trend even with the largest elderly population. Tremendous job by state health in Florida to protect the vulnerable so far.

    I guess all those “hick governors” who were widely criticized for opening beaches (people outdoors in the sun is good lol) actually knew what they were doing. Weird! 🤔🤔 


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  4. Major League Baseball officials have become cautiously optimistic this week that the season will start in late June, and no later than July 2, playing at least 100 regular-season games, according to three executives with knowledge of the talks. They requested anonymity because the plan is still under consideration.


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  5. 2 hours ago, Low and Away said:

    I go to both the Mayo Clinic (today) and the Mayo Hospital (tomorrow) and it worries me just being around people, even if they stay 6 ft away. For the hospital my Dr is on the 19th floor. Being in a wheelchair I will need to share an elevator with at least one other person who I don't know how careful they have been.


    I can't imagine being in a crowd ever again. No more Twins games or concerts for me. I am 66, diabetic going through renal failure. Pretty much strike three but life had been good. 

    Prayers to you. I’m assuming people will be waiting and not getting into elevators together. One on, one off. Hopefully. 

  6. 15 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    Why are you calling those facts when your citation literally has opinion in the url? Only ‘fact’ is that says it’s from an opinion contributor. Saying we need herd immunity is basically saying instead of the 1m infected we currently have that you want 280m instead... that’s the number we would need, and that immunity lasts about a year to two years with the other known human coronaviruses. 
    FYI the guy who wrote the opinion article isn’t even a specialist in viruses. He’s essentially a radiologist. 

    Do me a favor real quick and look up St. Louis vs Philadelphia Spanish flu and see the difference between social distancing and being fully open. The death toll was MUCH different between the two. St. Louis performed essentially a quarantine, opened up then closed again because of a spike, Philadelphia threw a parade for the end of the war. 

    Clear you didn’t click on the link lol. They are facts listed from the doctor who wrote them. I’m not calling them anything. So do me a favor real quick and click on the link and see what the doctor has to say.

  7. 2 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    Ok so SOME states ‘may be’ recording them while others from your citation are taking deaths off for people dying of pneumonia, while having covid, but they somehow count that as not dying from covid, despite covid causing pneumonia. 

    Either way, your statement was false and I was just clarifying, with a link to the facts for others to see. If you’re wrong and someone corrects you, it is not a personal attack. I just want the facts out there.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    The US still isn’t counting the deaths of anyone who died without a positive test a covid death. As I am a presumptive case, if I died it wouldn’t even count towards the case numbers or deaths. Because pneumonia isn’t bad enough to warrant a single test. 

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its website this week to explicitly say that cases where the infection was not confirmed by a test may now be counted.


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  9. 1 hour ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

    Boras is notorious.  Over the top notorious about being all about money 24/7 in a period where selflessness and sacrifice are key to us getting through this virus.  You do NOT "believe" anyone.  You look for facts.  Period. 

    And if others here find facts depressing I am sorry.  I actually find truth far more comforting than flights of fancy.  Truth will set you free. 

    Believing for example that the official baseball season would say begin in May when of course it won't can lead to depression in these believers.  People that "believe" something will happen when the facts and logic lead to the opposite conclusion just set themselves up for endless disappointment.  But instead of realizing their pattern of impossible goals then sadness when those goals are not met some tend instead to go and blame people just looking at the facts.

    Which facts did you bring? That there’s going to be no baseball this year? That by the end of May we won’t be getting ramped up for baseball? Is that fact? Or opinion? The first step here is you realizing that you, in fact, are not speaking facts. It’s your opinion that you’re convinced you are correct about.

    If you’ve got facts, I’d love to hear them. Drop the links here. 👇🏼 But you have a habit of talking in circles with long-winded paragraphs about how you’re about logic and reason and everyone else is believing in unicorns and rainbows. Yet, ironically enough, no links. No facts. 

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  10. On 4/23/2020 at 1:25 AM, The Big Bat Theory said:

    Boras has ulterior motives, period.  It is all about greed with that guy.  And it has been way more players than just Mike Trout saying what Trout was saying.  Did you not read that article with over a dozen expressing fear and hesitation or the statements by Price and Kershaw.

    I’ve got a question for the resident Rotoworld Realist:

    Who DOESN’T have ulterior motives? Do players/union not have ulterior motives? Why would you be so quick to dismiss one person, yet blindly believe the others, when the truth is they all have their self-interests (and not just health) in mind?

    I’ll hang up and listen...

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  11. 2 hours ago, Ireallymemeit said:

    There are approx 43 countries/territories that have higher testing per capita so lets not work the "We test more than any other country" narrative. Its like when certain failed leaders claimed(before the pandemic) that more people are working now than ever before. Well, duh. Population goes up by the millions each year. Its like arguing Total K's vs a higher K/9. Whatever side ur on, you will argue.

    Im not trying to attack anyone. Just pointing out facts. Nothing personal

    This is all true. It’s just funny to me that the same people who finally figured this out (not you) were screaming we had more deaths here than Italy (or other countries with 1/6 the population).

    So yeah, people twist the numbers in whatever way they see fit. Welcome to Politicizing Everything 101. You’ll be a great student.  

  12. 1 hour ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

    The latest spitballing as MLB shows it has no real concrete plans but keeps throwing mud against walls:

    Yeah bake them to death in the Texas heat.  That's the ticket.

    I think the operative word above is "discussing."  It is a LONG way from discussing to concrete plans and a longer way from concrete plans to concrete action.  In other words MLB doesn't have a clue.  And how could they.  But to pretend as if they do and that they are seriously trying to set-up crazy plans is ridiculous.  Just be honest and say you are just involved in flights of imagination at this point.  Good that you are but to hint this stuff is going to actually happen let alone soon is disinformation.

    Rangers, Astros, Diamondbacks...I mean, MLB plays in this summer heat every year. I don’t know why you continue to harp on the weather as if it’s some sticking point. 

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  13. 8 minutes ago, osb_tensor said:

    serious question, not sarcasm.

    do these governors think that there will be a different result now than when they locked things down a few weeks ago?

    there are no vaccines, or any such mechanisms that i'm aware of, preventing the spread of the virus other than isolation/distancing. if we/they lower the restrictions now, aren't we just going to slip back into the likelihood of skyrocketing cases and the overloading of healthcare systems?

    what data exists that indicates the general public is now "safe." 

    The general public is likely not going to be safe until Fall of 2021 (18 months/vaccine?) or later. I guess my question would be, what are your expectations? That we keep completely sheltered in our homes for another year+?
    In many places, the “curve” has been flattened, or will be in the next week or two. Even here in Michigan, where we were hit relatively hard compared to our population, we never got to the point where we ran out of ventilators or beds. And now it’s getting better. 
    Is it going to spike again once restrictions are loosened? Sure. Likely. But as long as the system isn’t overwhelmed, things are going to open back up. Waiting until it’s “safe” was never the plan.


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  14. 7 minutes ago, tonycpsu said:

    Hopefully the desire for a nuanced discussion includes a preference for data over anecdotes.  If so, let's keep in mind that these protesters are a very tiny sliver of the population, with polling consistently showingining that Americans are about twice as concerned about easing restrictions too quickly as they are about not lifting them quickly enough.

    That's not to say that we shouldn't take their legitimate concerns seriously, or that we should ignore unfortunate instances like people having non-emergency but still important surgeries put off or are delaying routine examinations and medical care -- a group that includes several family members of mine -- but when the protests are being led by a group so scammy that even fellow conservatives are attacking them, we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that wanting to end stay-at-home orders is a minority view -- one that warrants a fair hearing, but ultimately, not reflective of a broad desire to risk a second wave of infections by easing restrictions too soon.

    Agree with much of this. But to me, the nuance is not having blanket “wanting to end stay-at-home orders” v. “don’t ease restrictions too quickly.” It’s not that black and white, and that’s my point.

    How about, “keep stay at home order, but allow medical professionals to determine the severity on a case by case basis to decide if they should see patients or not.”

    This is what I’m talking about. 

  15. 11 minutes ago, fletch44 said:

    My girlfriend has a lump in her throat she's worried about and she can't get to see her doctor. Now, the chances of it being something serious are probably pretty small. But multiply issues like this across the country/world and some percentage of them will end up being serious and won't receive proper treatment.  This isn't to say we shouldn't be doing what we're doing now. If no effort was made to "flatten the curve" there's a negative outcome to that too. Just pointing out another example of , if you're  sole focus is just preventing lives lost to the virus, there's going to be fall out elsewhere. And the longer we stay in this state, the more painful that fall out is gonna be. And not just the obvious fallout of ruining people financially. It's a balancing act and there's no appealing answer. 

    Right. And she has every reason to be upset with a blanket “Stay home. Stay safe. Your selfish if you leave your house” mantra that everyone is screaming everywhere for the “likes,” with zero thought. There ARE some things to debate/discuss, but those discussions aren’t being allowed to be had (not here. On a larger scale).

    Hope all is well with your girlfriend. 


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  16. 26 minutes ago, JE7HorseGod said:

    Re: nuance, it kind of reminds me of fiscally conservative people I have spoken to in the past who I've heard say, "people with legitimate disabilities should be the strongest critics of people who abuse social safety nets, they're diminishing your argument."  Likewise, people who are interested in reopening aspects of the economy because they plan on practicing responsible social distancing techniques and are in need of essential services or are in real financial dire straights should be the most critical of people who are a part of their protest but for purely selfish reasons and bandy crazy conspiracy theories.

    Whataboutism is fun. Hard for me to stay up on the rules as to whether it’s acceptable or not. Seems rules are always changing. That said, I think you agree that nuanced discussion is good. I think.

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  17. 11 hours ago, hailtoyourvictor said:


    To touch back on this, it's not just elective surgeries that have been cancelled. We are cancelling as many outpatient radiology exams as possible. Our women's imaging centers (mammograms, breast ultrasound) have  been completely shut down all month.


    1 hour ago, 89Topps said:


    It's amazing to read a first hand account like this, yet still see people protesting because they can't go to the effing beach. 

    Maybe some are protesting for this reason. I know a guy who had stage 2 colon cancer. He’s had some concerns recently and wants to be seen. But it’s not emergency and therefore he can’t. He is angry and supports the protesters. 

    As always, these things are extremely nuanced, yet everyone just wants to scream “JUST STAY HOME. DO WHAT YOURE TOLD. STOP BEING SELFISH!” With zero room for nuance. Not unexpected for an online forum I suppose, but frustrating nonetheless.

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