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  1. 2 minutes ago, shakestreet said:

    That Canadian protest doesn’t compare one little bit on what is happening in the good ole USA 🇺🇸

    Is it one-tenth? Because we have literally 10 times their population. Yet they’re spread out over that huge mass of land. The point, they’re protesting as well. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, jonninho said:

    Uhm... if i was a wagering man.. which i am... i would place a bet on all of the above.. 🙄

    Crazy how different the two cultures are.. we are in quarantine here in Canada too.. it sucks... honestly.. everyone is going a little crazy.. putting on a little weight.. many people like the U.S have lost their jobs.. all city facilities are closed.. but.. dont people get it that if we just abide by these restrictions for a few weeks we can all go back to normal a lot longer..

    By having these protests.. you have now taken 3 steps backwards and will end up in a quarantine longer than you had to.. i just honestly do not understand the mentality of some people..

    Yeah crazy ay. Shucks, you nice folks up north aren’t protesting, despite being locked down for even less time. Just eating those poutines, amirite?!?! So much more civilized than your southern neighbors! 


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  3. 1 hour ago, swfcdan said:

    Shame about the report, not that it makes much difference now. But shows that sports players need more help when retiring as they are still looking for that "high" that leaving the sports world gave them. Doc clearly had it through flying but took things too far.



    This one incident proves this how? I mean, this type of thing happens to people all over. This is a Halladay thing, not a “sports players” thing. Most of them get fat and/or get on TV. They’re not all looking for the “high.”

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  4. 20 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

     In Washington you cannot buy ANY seeds in stores where I live regardless of size because of the executive orders. You can buy online but that’s it.


    9 minutes ago, 89Topps said:


    When did he say that?  Because I can buy seeds down the street from my house.


    5 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    This last week. Pertaining to the more agricultural portions of the state. Once again, assuming you live in an area around Seattle? Where little farming happens comparatively to the rest of the state? Orders will be different there. Just like how in Clark county they have different shelter in place orders compared to Cowlitz despite them being connected. 


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  5. 5 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    I didn’t make something up. My state governor literally just said it live in air a few days ago. Sorry I can’t find a transcript of one singular press conference out of the hundreds they have done for this. Washington is an agricultural state. Of course what we deem essential is different than what Michigan does. Tryin to call something a lie just because you can’t disprove it is arguing in bad faith by trying to discredit the poster. 

    Washington is 24th in the country at 36% farmland. 
    Michigan is 33rd in the country at 28%. 

    But, that was NEVER the topic. And don’t twist this. It’s not that I can’t disprove something. You claimed something you have no proof of. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    You realize things are different state to state correct? WWE is considered essential in Florida. Wouldn’t be even touched in Nevada. It’s like Michigan and Washington are different. Might be because one is full of farms. 

    What does that have to do with you not having a link proving your statement?

    I’m not going to keep replying to this nonsense. You made something up, I called you on it, and you keep replying to something no one said. I’m glad everyone sees it. This thread is for facts, and some shared opinions even. Not lies.

  7. Just now, WahooManiac said:

    You guys on the seed misinformation in Michigan...

    The sale of seeds,  and other items like paint etc, have been banned for sale in buildings over 50k sg ft. An attempt to get people out of big box stores for anything besides essentials.  


    You can still buy seeds,  just not at the big places.  No home depot garden centers etc. 


  8. 1 minute ago, daynlokki said:

    That's what my GOVERNOR said when they made it so regular people cannot buy them.  Washington needs the seeds for farmers.  Press conference.

    They also said they were nearing a point where they would have to turn off online ordering and just fill what they have... when you cannot order something that is considered a shortage as well.  You don't need a stockpile shortage to still have one if the market cannot fulfill orders.  

    So to confirm, you have no link anywhere to confirm this idea that seeds are “non-essential to anyone but farmers.” Got it. Thank you. 👍🏼

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  9. 37 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    There’s a massive shortage. They are designated as non essential to anyone but farmers. 


    4 minutes ago, daynlokki said:


    Weird there are no shortages when here, every single place that sells seeds is completely sold out.  That would mean a shortage, correct?

    Did you read your link? They’re swamped, taking more days to fill orders, filling most online...

    Can you show me where it says “they are designated non-essential to anyone but farmers”? Because that’s what you said. 

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  10. 10 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    There’s a massive shortage. They are designated as non essential to anyone but farmers. 


    7 minutes ago, Dr. Whom said:

    Proof? Sales increased because people want to grow their own food in times of crisis and not have to stand in line at the grocery

    While many Americans are buying seeds, Ball noted that there's no shortage. "Nobody hoards seeds," Ball said


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  11. 53 minutes ago, GamblorLA said:


    I agree with the consensus here and have taken Soto in the first round.  

    But these comparisons hold less water now because player development has sped up so much.  There was a time when Nomar Mazara was on pace to be HOF.  Nobody seemed to think that was likely, but I was sold on the idea he'd likely become pretty good.  More importantly, I've heard much reference to studies suggesting players are often at their best right away now.

    Of course, we don't need Soto to take some big step forward. He is already a vicious beast. However, I wouldn't take him ahead of Lindor on the theory he could break out even more. Sure he COULD.  But IDK how likely it is.  

    Wait what? Mazara had a .739 OPS at age 21 when he came up. That was never special. Soto had a .923 OPS at age 19 and a .949 OPS at age 20. Mazara was never on pace to be a HOFer lol, and I have no idea where you got that.

    As for your other statement, the great Al Kaline came up at 19, never even played one game in the minors, and won the Batting Title at age 20. He of course is an exception and not the rule, but so is Soto.


  12. 7 hours ago, daynlokki said:

    So guess the same can hold true for how our country has handled the epidemic. Considering we now have almost 2x more critical cases than any other country and keep breaking our own death record for single days. 

    Or take a geography class and realize the U.S. is essentially the size of all of Europe, and you can’t compare raw numbers to countries that are smaller than one state lol. Now, they have about twice as many people, but Italy, Spain, and France alone have doubled the US in death rate. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

    That was because they did NOT receive eh data from China soon enough.  Whatever their faults -- and we are all human at last report and not perfect -- they are essential now especially for developing countries so halting the payments is THE worst thing possible.  This could lead to countless deaths around the globe.

    Now “we’re all human and not perfect”? When did you start that? Lol. Have some consistency man. 

    This is a great article that lays it out. Stopping payment for 60-90 days. There are questions that need to be answered. “Woopsie! We’re all humans and make mistakes! 🤷🏽‍♂️“ doesn’t really work here.


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  14. 1 hour ago, Dr. Whom said:

    Yep...even here in Michigan where we are not allowed to buy paint. Mitigation and social distancing is not working here too well...I think we need masks.

    Because they’re not being followed. Detroit is by far the worst area. Tons of videos of people at parks, playing basketball. And last week when it was 70 degrees out I saw a block party...at least 50 people out grilling, etc. 

    Social distancing works if people social distancing. 

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  15. 1 hour ago, TribeFoo said:

    We all have the same goals here. Get the economy opened up and return to life as semi-normal. Problem is we now have 50 outbreaks instead of one thanks to a derelict federal response and a select group of brainless governors. This key error is going to drag this out WAY longer than necessary. Baseball is a national game and every state is at a different stage in their outbreak. Working around that is practically impossible.

    If you think we were ever not going to have 50 outbreaks instead of one, you (and whoever liked this post) are more interested in blame game and politics, and aren’t paying attention to every place around the world AND taking into account the size and scope of our country.

    Michigan, by most accounts, shut down early and did most everything right. Right on the heals of Ohio in closing schools (March 13) and shutting down the state. Ohio even has a higher population (7th in country) than Michigan (10th). Yet Michigan is 3rd in cases and deaths, while Ohio is 17th. There’s really no blame to be had. Likely, the disease came into Detroit Metro Airport first. 

    Now you guys want to twist yourselves into a pretzel to somehow blame a handful of people, just know that many of us know it’s either intentionally disingenuous or ignorant. You choose.

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  16. Obviously everyone trying to figure out this virus all at once, but appreciate those willing to think outside the box and not just follow the herd. Have watched some videos and read interviews from this physician, who is noticing ventilators sometimes doing more harm than good. Read another article (also NY I believe) that began treating with blood clot medicine, seeing the damage in the lungs as the problem. Godspeed to all in the medical world. 


  17. 18 minutes ago, tonycpsu said:

    We can quibble with specific actions in specific states, but shutting down more has led to better results than shutting down less, and it's not wrong to note that party identification has been a factor.  Doing so does not have to lead to a "but what about this Democrat who did a bad thing" response.

    Good point. It’s not wrong to note that party identification is a factor in who blindly follows their nanny state without giving critical thought. In that we agree.

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  18. 3 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    Non essential is different state to state. Michigan has landscapers as non essential, Washington have them as essential. Everything is looked at by a state by state basis and put into models to see the best way to flatten the curve. The more you need to flatten, the more you deem non essential. Probably why a state like Michigan who is I believe in the top five for deaths is cutting back more. 

    Yeah, Michigan currently 3rd I believe. But as I pointed out, “cutting back more” on trips to the gas station for a two-man crew, for example, is going to lead to hundreds more individuals going to the gas station. Governors (ALL) need to listen to opposing arguments and make sound decisions. Sounds like your governor used some common sense. 

  19. 1 minute ago, tonycpsu said:


    The party ID of the governor is the single biggest determining factor of when social distancing was started and how strict the measures have been.  Deciding what gets shut down vs. what's deemed essential is an unenviable task, and I can cite some puzzling decisions by Gov. Wolf here in PA as well.  I'm not sure how that's in any way relevant to the original post.  If your point is that Democratic governors aren't infallible, or that not everything a Republican governor does is wrong, I'm not sure that's a very interesting argument.

    Yes it is. Forget party affiliation. I didn’t try to make the point you’re attempting to place on my post. My point, as I stated, is the lack of critical thought going into it. Shut down everything is being deemed as “correct,” and I don’t think that’s always the case. 

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