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  1. 4 minutes ago, Willsea33 said:

    Everywhere I look all I see is "Coronavirus" news, and for good reason. I am not trying to downplay this virus, but it is disappointing to come onto these forums and see more of the same, where I thought I could get away from all the news and media and look at some fantasy baseball. The player threads on here are hardly getting any posts and this forum has turned into a coronavirus discussion. 

    It’s kinda taken over all of our lives right now. And there’s no much player news lol.

    But honestly, you don’t have to click on this thread, and feel free to add to some player threads to get discussion going. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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  2. I’m not suggesting Trump is correct. I honestly don’t follow much of what he says, so I don’t know what he’s pushing for. But I find it strange that everyone blindly loves what “states with Democratic leadership” are doing (stated above).

    Take Whitmer here in Michigan. She’s shut down a lot. Mostly good. But one in particular is landscaping companies. She was even pressed on it and didn’t budge because they’ll be stopping to get gas, exchange money, etc. Yay? Let’s think about what’s going to happen.

    1) Some who use lawn service don’t have mowers. Their grass gets overgrown, bringing rats/other potential health problems.


    2) People like me have to cut more (for my mother in law for example, who uses service and doesn’t have mower), sending HUNDREDS more to the gas stations, refilling our gas tanks.

    Still think this is the right call?

    We all understand social distancing and staying indoors and limiting contact, etc. But at some point common sense must be allowed here, instead of blindly cheering for who can shut down the most stuff, as if that’s the marker for a good leader.

  3. "The real data are telling us that it is highly likely that we're having a definite positive effect by this mitigation things that we're doing – this physical separation – so I believe we are gonna see a downturn in that,” Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told NBC's "Today" show. 

    “And it looks more like the 60,000 than the 100,000 to 200,000,” he said. 


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  4. 6 hours ago, daynlokki said:

    Yes because everyone is going to wear a mask all day long in a hot kitchen right? Zero chance anyone would take a mask off in that situation right? Just like how everyone follows stay at home orders. It can spread via sweat as well

    "As sweat is made in sweat glands and sweat glands make the sweat by filtering the liquid bit, the watery bit, away from blood, they're not in direct contact with the source of the virus - because this virus does not to an appreciable level go round in the blood stream." 

    "Therefore there should be only limited amounts of the virus in sweat for that is not a means of transmission.



    The federal government is classifying the deaths of patients infected with the coronavirus as COVID-19 deaths, regardless of any underlying health issues that could have contributed to the loss of someone’s life.

    Dr. Deborah Birx, the response coordinator for the White House coronavirus task force, said the federal government is continuing to count the suspected COVID-19 deaths, despite other nations doing the opposite.



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  6. On 4/6/2020 at 1:03 PM, cashvillesent said:

    And we can go on and on about the teams Jordan played in the finals. They cant even compare to the Spurs, Warriors, Thunder teams LeBron played. Jordan beat an old a** injured Lakers and Portland teams that didnt even have a player playing at an elite level, as I already pointed out. A Suns team whos second best player was Dan Majerle, a Supersonics team that didnt have a single player average over 18ppg, and two b2b Jazz teams lead by two past their prime hall of famers in their mid 30’s, and that team only had 3 players averaging over 9ppg (Malone, Hornacek, Stockton) Hornacek was their 2nd leading scorer at 14ppg. Its no secret amongst pundits and experts that really follow the game, that Jordan is the luckiest Superstar by the competition he faced in the finals.

    This is an embarrassing take that Bronsexuals always use. Why just Finals? Talk about the teams in the East Jordan went through to get there. Who were the best teams LeBron beat in the East?

    So here’s the thing. The case for LeBron was always he did so much with so little help. And he did. Acknowledged. But Bron lost any chance to be the GOAT when he assembled his team of stars, met the Mavs in the Finals with just one star (yes other good players, but Dirk). And he didn’t just lose. LeBron lost the series and was the THIRD leading scorer on his own team. Third. Now you tell me, what GOAT goes out like that? Sits back as third fiddle on offense when their team loses?

    We both know the answer. None.

    Go watch the video of KG and Isaiah Rider talking about talking trash to Jordan. Everyone was afraid of him lol. No one will tell stories like that about LeBron.

    And finally, as my man Chauncey Billups explained, Jordan kept many HOFers (Ewing, Malone, Barkley) from getting a ring. When he played a full season, nobody ate. Everybody got rings on LeBron’s watch. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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  7. 4 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    They can’t leave their homes. I don’t get what you guys hunk these guys are buying when most of the USA is locked down. 

    I haven’t stopped paying my bills. Asking people to forego payments isn’t a great strategy. 
    I have 4 kids, so we’re feeding 6. I probably spend $22K in groceries every year. Many of these guys have families. 
    You seem to have an unrealistic view of money or how the real world works.

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  8. 10 minutes ago, daynlokki said:

    Pretty sure most people would be able to live off 4% of a major league salary. That was also so that anyone on a current MLB roster will get a full year of service time if it’s canceled as well. Betts may never play with the Dodgers. 

    The minimum salary in MLB is $563,500. Somewhere close to 40% of major leaguers make at or near the minimum.  4% of that is $22,540. 
    Not only would someone who is used to making half million not be able to live off of that, I’d have a hard time living off of that. 

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  9. 7 minutes ago, Members_Only_76 said:

    How about adding a DH? Cruz and EE?

    I thought about it. Was going to do any hitter at all, because one that shocked me was 12th OVERALL was Evan Longoria, who didn’t make either team because he was behind Beltre and Donaldson. Probably deserves a nod. Same with Goldy, 11th overall but behind Votto and Miggy. 

  10. 40 minutes ago, Jyeatbvg said:

    Surprised Yelich is there considering he didn't enter the league until 2013 (I think) and his pre-breakout years weren't anything to write home about.

    Yes. Impressive that Yelich (920 games) and Mookie (794 games) amassed almost as much WAR as a guy like Stanton (1162 games).

  11. 5 minutes ago, tonycpsu said:


    That's *your* point, maybe.  You and several others here seem to want to prolong this conversation about who's sufficiently optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic instead of simply accepting that we all have different views of what's feasible. 


    11 hours ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

    He wasn't posting negative thoughts to "get by" (what does that even mean???).  He was simply being pragmatic and not believing in unicorns.  Geesh,  some of you people get freaked out if someone doesn't give you rainbows and roses visions of baseball back in a few weeks.  Well some of us don't live in that dream-colored world and we have the right to keep our feet on the ground without being called negative all the time.


    So a poster said “He was being pragmatic and not believing in unicorns,” and then went on some strawman about rainbows and roses if baseball isn’t back in a few weeks (not one person said that), then followed that those listening to plans are living in a “dream-colored world.” But I’m the one not accepting the reality that we all have different views. 

    Ok, Tony. Have a good one. ✌🏼

  12. 10 minutes ago, tucker26 said:

    Maybe you have or have not heard of sports writer Bill Simmons website the ringer. He’s pretty much a die hard and their staff seems full of people that are fun and want sports to happen too. Here are a couple articles you guys can read and then go bash them for being realistic. 





    5 minutes ago, tonycpsu said:

    Add Fangraphs' Ben Clemens to the list of people whose livelihood depends on baseball happening, but who's skeptical of the plan as it currently stands.

    Being skeptical is fine. But there’s enough thoughts on both sides that painting people who listen to others are believing in “unicorns and rainbows” is a BS thing to say with absolutely no standing. That’s the point. Simmons and Clemens are no experts. If Dr. Fauci appears to see some version of the plan plausible, meaning he believes some baseball could happen, forgive me if I listen to that.

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  13. 2 hours ago, desert86 said:

    And that's a fine approach to take on an individual level.  However he's painting the picture of people expecting a 2020 season as seeing unicorns and rainbows and his own view as realism and not negativity.  In reality people are working on having a 2020 season.  In reality players and owners want to make money on the 2020 season.  It's fine not to believe it will happen and be pleasantly surprised when it does, but don't paint that as reality.

    This 1000%. Seems literally everyone from MLB baseball to the doctors who study this stuff believe there will be some sort of baseball this year, in some capacity. Why is it the person who disagrees with them is somehow cemented in reality, while those of us who are listening and seem to think things look promising, even if it’s June or July and a 100 game season, are painted as “believing in unicorns”? That’s absolute BS and deserves to be called out every time. 

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  14. Heard some talks of an NFL all-decade team and wanted to see what the MLB team would look like. For this I simply used fWAR 2010-2019 to create a 1st and 2nd team. 

    1st Team

    C- Posey

    1B- Votto

    2B- Cano

    SS- Tulowitzki

    3B- A.Beltre

    OF- Trout

    OF- McCutchen


    SP- Kershaw

    SP- Verlander

    SP- Scherzer

    RP- A.Chapman


    2nd Team

    C- Y. Molina

    1B- M.Cabrera

    2B- B.Zobrist

    SS- Lindor

    3B- Donaldson

    OF- Mookie

    OF- Bryce

    OF- Yelich

    SP- Sale

    SP- Greinke

    SP- Price

    RP- K.Jansen

    I was surprised at Tulo being the top SS, and Ben Zobrist at 2B (though I know WAR loves him). I would put Kinsler or Altuve in his spot. A few that just missed:







    Who would you change? 

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  15. Just now, MrBrown said:

    What does Dr Fauci know about baseball?  He was basically asked his thoughts on their plans and said "it's possible"

    I quoted tucker saying thinking the curve will have flattened enough for this to happen is aggressive based on trajectory. Don’t you agree Dr. Fauci is more qualified to say what is or isn’t aggressive than you or tucker?

  16. 21 minutes ago, tucker26 said:

    Being so desperate to think mlb is gonna be playing in 105+ heat in az compound with full medical supplies and staff and quarantined seems like a stretch. Further that the curve will have flattened enough for this all to happen by May or even June is very aggressive based on the trajectory. If it happens I’ll gladly eat my words. Would it be awesome if they did? Sure! Anything live sports would be amazing at this point. I am hoping for a Mid July start myself but still not sure they can beat the heat in AZ. 

    Based on...you and the other chicken littles here? Because Dr. Fauci sees promise in the plan, so...


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  17. 5 minutes ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

    That is what everyone in America is ordered to do.  Not just the NBA.  If you have been in known contact with anyone that tested positive for covid-19 you are to self-quarantine for 14 days.  Period.  Ironclad.  People that ignore this and don't self-quarantine are the very ones that are causing this damn plague.  Because the virus is ONLY spread by people.

    So the 1B and the runner at 1B should both wear masks and the 1B should be behind plexiglass.  Okay, problem solved.  (And yes we do have to eat and no we don't have to watch baseball within the next month or two.  How did the human race survive for thousands of years without this game, sigh).

    Yeah nit picky.  That is exactly HOW epidemics are stopped.  The virus doesn't fall from the sky like rain.  It doesn't spring up from the ground like weeds.  It is transmitted by people many of whom do very stupid things like not practicing social distancing.

    You’re still conflating here. The country isn’t shutting down with masks and social distancing and only essential places open until there’s a vaccine. That has NEVER been the plan. We are not shutting down the country for two full years. We aren’t getting rid of it.

    The plan has ALWAYS been to flatten the curve. Get it to a point that it doesn’t overwhelm the HC systems. That’s it. Until there’s a vaccine. So once we get past the peak, and see the curve flattening (and of course extending out for a longer period), we will slowly see things return. Will people not shake hands, be more aware of door knobs, and possibly keep wearing masks at stores? Probably. But our country will start moving forward again, likely in May or June. 

  18. Yikes. These are two different hospital systems. This could be even more disastrous (and I assume happening elsewhere). 

    “About 1,500 workers — including 500 nurses — are off the job at Michigan’s largest hospital system because of coronavirus symptoms.”

    “The sick count at Beaumont comes the same day that Henry Ford Health System said it had about 600-700 workers who had tested positive for COVID-19.”


  19. 6 minutes ago, JE7HorseGod said:

    I just don't think "blame" is really all that productive right now.

    Blame isn't going to flatten the curve.  It's not going to bring more ventilators.  It's not going to restore consumer confidence.

    I could honestly give two poops what any pol says these days, to be candid.  I'm not going to the beach because Brian Kemp says it's cool.  I'm not going to bang down my docs door to stock up on HQL because I guess they're selling it now at the pressers.

    Really I'm just at the point where I want to hear from the experts, not the suits.  They're not bringing anything to the table for me other than fodder for these types of discussions.  Their role at this point to me should be introduction of Doctor so and so and shut the heck up.  JMO.

    I 100% agree. Unfortunately some people never want to let a good tragedy go to waste. This thread is full of attempts to blame and not sharing of information. 

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