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  1. The Chiefs beating the Bills in a head-to-head matchup during the regular season isn't the tiebreaker if they end up with the same record?
  2. Funny, I thought over and used were the two most overused words in fantasy.
  3. Ouch. He's been great this year but he does seem to get injured a decent bit.
  4. If he's out there for the first offensive snap it will be a hand off that will be his only snap.
  5. A ways to go from 11 broken ribs and a punctured lung for a 41 year old? Hmmm.... you don't say?
  6. Made my horrible fantasy season worthwhile.
  7. Great performance. He looks swift, decisive, strong. I was impressed. Of course, 31 touches won't be the norm, but he won't need that many. I think he's a low-end RB1 rest of the way. Next week will be interesting.
  8. Drop Crowder easy. Do NOT drop Lazard. He's a stud in a prolific offense, already back on track with a TD in first week back. Get Hooper. Thanks for the help in mine.
  9. I wouldn't be happy about starting Trubisky but Lions can't stop anything and Chargers D isn't bad at home. Pats have to travel across the country. I say Mitch.
  10. I like Taylor because of the matchup and he looked good in his last outing. Cowboys are terrible and Ravens are desperate for a win at home. Sanders and Eagles aren't amounting to much. Taylor for me.
  11. Goedert. I don't trust McCoy to get Engram the ball. It seemed like Goedert was the preferred tight end in Philly even when Ertz was active. Tough one between Booker and Dobbins. I think Dobbins has the higher upside and Booker the safer floor. I'd go Dobbins personally but it's close.
  12. Rams are tough to run on. The other tow have great matchups so Dobbins and Booker.
  13. Kamara - I like the Taylor matchup but he's been known to disappear more than Kamara.
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