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  1. He did hit a 3 today! Yes, that's his weakness but I'll take that for a late season pickup. If he can get to 18ppg I'd be pretty excited, and I don't think that's hard on this Pistons team.
  2. Sadly for him he's not even good enough to get good stats on a bad team. We'll see in ORL if he can be at least that. Then perhaps he can evolve to solid contender big man.
  3. That was 2 seasons ago. Never really liked him anyway since he is allergic to STOCKS
  4. Oh he's good. I do regret dropping him. I talked myself out of him when BG joined. I guess BG is an even shadowier version of himself that I expected!
  5. Finally, a chance to get to see more of his high assists and low FG%. Just what I signed up for.
  6. This guy is so frustrating. Supposed to be a logical breakout candidate, and instead seems to be mired with mediocrity and indifference for some reason.
  7. At least it's not something that will affect his performance in the future! My Devonte goes from almost droppable to must have though. I was this close to dropping that dude.
  8. I didn't take JJJ because other owners overestimated his value, but nobody thought he would be out this long though. He to me is a very injury prone guy so while he's exciting to own, I'd stay away unless it's for real cheap. It hurts more this year too with the COVID time outs too for players.
  9. I'm just grasping at straws LOL. Not many players out there right now.
  10. I'm still holding. It's tough when a guy who shoots it more than 20 times comes to your team as the new PG. I'd say he's not completely useless in STOCKS, but yeah pretty weak.
  11. LOL imagine the Lakers getting him, swapping him in and out with Gasol. That's the slowest center tandem ever, and moreso in the modern NBA. Can't imagine him landing in a better situation that Houston, or I'm sure Houston would have just traded him. Teams are really catching on with actually figuring out which players are a net negative.
  12. Oh man you are right. I just saw his 6'8 height and build and automatically assumed his increased PT is due to Markinnen. Though I think he is playing PF more right now, and Valentine in SF slot. Bulls are pretty thin right now. Just saw the game stats today, whole bulls team sucked so not going to hold it against a rookie. He isn't a strong rebounder anyway at this stage, but I like his STOCKS potential.
  13. Bulls are looking towards the future and he is performing well. Biggest worry is that he and Markinnen play the same position. Oh well enjoy it while it lasts! He's a better defender anyway.
  14. We're talkin about Thibs here. I'm sure he's just teaching some kind of lesson.
  15. Funny Knicks fans hoping for rookie development when the coach is Thibs. Quickley is good though. I'm glad the Ntkilina and DSJ experiment is finally over.
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