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  1. Play with trash people you get trash trades. Congrats to everyone in here for admitting it.
  2. With all due offense, when we pick players from teams we know are bad, this is what we should expect. I have Gibson and McLaurin. Should I be mad they're not getting TDs? No, I should feel dumb for drafting two players from a bottom five team. But I can still know Rivera sucks and Haskins should be playing.
  3. Ron Rivera’s like “who was that QB that got me fired last year? Let’s roll with him.”
  4. Three years ago, I drafted Vlad and I drafted Tatis, but I could only keep one. I kept Vlad for obvious reasons. That is skill, and that is luck.
  5. Trout, Soto, Acuna, Betts, Tatis, JoRam, Freeman, Story, Turner. Top 9, no top 10.
  6. You shouldn't need a link to know that 55% - 45% is a 10% advantage or to know what compound interest is. But if you do need one I'd say you getting second every year is luck.
  7. Prius Efficiency Your starter just pitched a shutout! The Toyota Prius commends you on getting the job done in the most efficient manner possible. Corolla Mr. Clutch MLB Boom, the grand salami. Your player hit a grand slam. In addition to the home run, run scored, and all those RBIs, the Toyota Corolla awards you a medal to commemorate this clutch moment. Rav4 2 For 1 Value You earned two saves in one day! The only thing better than one save is two, so the Toyota RAV4 applauds you for knowing where to find value in y
  8. In weekly leagues a 10% skill advantage gets you 55/45 advantage, basically a coinflip. In roto leagues your 10% advantage compounds every day. In conclusion, use your late round picks to draft high reward players on good teams and max out your 401k.
  9. I'm in, confidently. He's got the stuff, and the team has the motivation.
  10. I think it used to be an edge to bet against the team that just clinched cause they'd all been out on the town the night before. Not this year.
  11. I'm waiting to see if the Braves are resting guys.
  12. Raisel finally had a good non save situation. Who knew the Reds are making the playoffs?
  13. Graft some dead dudes hamstring in there and he'll literally have a stronger arm than he did before.
  14. I have to congratulate this dude for hitting in a prime spot for an elite team. Are you smarter than the first place Rays brain trust?
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