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  1. Yea not sure yet, I'm thinking an underperforming/damaged goods WR2 or a WR3...maybe a Godwin (feels too rich though) or a Kirk type
  2. Everything you said there sounds like a buy-low to me
  3. Yea its risky move that's why I wanted to get insight from owners. Thing is he has all the things you look for in a buy low, he's getting the carries, involved in the passing game, but severely underperforming yet has shown he can get it done (not that many weeks ago), and owners frustrated AF. I find that buy-low opportunities are typically the best when they don't feel like a buy-low anymore. I mean would anyone be that surprised if he drops a 100 and a touch next week?
  4. Not sexy enough for people, don't mind boring at all for my 4th round RB2
  5. Just traded for him, some folks just smash the eye test...feels like he's only going to get better throughout the year, right time to get in imo.
  6. If I were him I wouldn't take that, I don't believe in Sanders at all... that said if he'd take it I'd definitely do it
  7. I wouldn't trade any of your starters for Kittle, maybe package Brown with Samuel since he has Gurley... you could probably throw in Vance as well
  8. I'd definitely rather trade Ingram than Carson and with Juju in there doubt that will make or break the deal if they're willing to consider it
  9. I'm 1-1 and thinking of making the above offer to the last placed team. My team: Goff Amari, Hilton, Robinson, Gallup CMC, Gurley, Michel, McCoy, M. Brown Engram, Andrews His TEs are Hockenson and OJ, has Kerryon at RB. Thoughts?
  10. Feel much better about Allen Robinson now than when I drafted him
  11. How did I convince myself Nagy isn't a complete moron I'll never know
  12. Same boat, he went from not being on my draft board to potentially starting him on 2 teams tomorrow.
  13. I took him over OJ in 2 different drafts and didn't hesitate... I think OJ will do well this year but I really see Engram making that jump into the elite tier, also much prefer who Engram is competing with for targets compared to Evans and Godwin.
  14. This all makes sense.... for a competent organization
  15. I'd have an easier time living with my decision to start him with that line than if he goes for 130 and a touch on my bench. Don't overthink this one guys, matchups are overblown, you don't invest a top 4 round pick on a player to play matchups.
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