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  1. He's being going all over in my mocks, as high as late 2nd and as low as early 4th. Polarizing.
  2. Amari leads the league in receiving
  3. Amari for me is the 2017 Gurley of WRs. - Young incredible talent, freak of nature, pedigree coming out of college - Coming off a disaster year after a promising start to NFL career - Everyone lost faith in him plummeting his ADP into steal territory - Going into a season with a coaching overhaul that should help him (+ Crabtree gone). He's exactly the type of potential league-winning pick that I look for every year.
  4. Agree with doom and gloom, great real Football situation, disaster fantasy-wise. The RBBC would've at least been salvageable if he was getting the GL/RZ carries but even that's not looking good. Anyone that thinks Blount/Celement are gonna lose carries as Jay 'learns the playbook' are kidding themselves, the former looked great and the committee makes sense for Philly. I'll be starting Morris over him going forward for reference...
  5. Glad this was a TNF game so I can watch the whole thing. I might've tried to hold out hope had I just saw the scoreline and some highlights, but witnessing this offense in action couldn't be more convinced its time to turn the page on yet another hype product.
  6. Welp Mariota has reached his quota for throws downfield for the night, we Corey owners are done
  7. Time to move on from Corey, this team is allergic to throwing the ball
  8. Can't believe its come to actually starting Inman over Jordy Nelson...fantasy football man
  9. I think everyone has this impression that he sucks because Aaron Jones looked better than him one primetime game vs the Bears on a handful of carries. Not saying he's a world beater but I agree that he's certainly better than the general sentiment on him out there
  10. I just can't buy into a Marlins RB committee being much more useful than Ajayi was, I feel like last SNF was more of an aberration. I ended up 'selling high' for Funchess...
  11. Stash until week 13, don't start week 13 and observe, if he's beastin you got yourself a playoff gem, if not drop.
  12. Drake early downs, Williams 3rd down/passing back...If I had to choose Drake he has the higher upside and is more talented. That said I don't see either returning more than RB3 maybe low-end RB2 value, that offense looks even worse now
  13. Man I'll take ANY situation over the dumpster fire Miami situation, there's no way things don't look better ROS
  14. Ajayi is more talented than any RB on that team, he'll be the lead back
  15. Even that might be a good thing for his playoff form tbh
  16. This guys seems like the ultimate buy low opportunity right now specifically for those teams with a great record. By the time playoffs come around, these injury woes and the messy QB situation will seem like distant past. Targeting him heavily, also helps if owner needs wins now.
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