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  1. We should rename this thread to 'YOLO 2017 outlook' Bryant locked and loaded in my lineup, take us to the promised land Martavis.... ...or to a fiery glorious death
  2. Classic Fantasy Football scenario, he's a lock in for 100+ yard and TD on everyone's bench
  3. I'm considering selling high, his usage is starting to get concerning, still feels like he's dependent on that one big play... only reason I'm holding off is Conley's injury.
  4. Its come to analyzing cast imagery, fantasy football is something man.
  5. If you are 4-0 or even 3-1 I'd consider buying low, his playoff schedule: NO, TB, @NO. With the slow start, injury, and bye coming up don't think his value could be any lower
  6. Crabtree downgraded to doubtful, Cook looking like an interesting option this week.
  7. Blew a #1 WW priority on him and didn't hesitate one bit...
  8. In PPR he's basically what people wished McCaffery would be and the latter was being drafted in the 3rd round. PPR gold, blowing my #1 on him with confidence.
  9. He might have done ok last night but seems like he'll have a tough time living up to his adp
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