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  1. Should've probably already done this but with this 16 straight game situation I dropped Jamaal Williams for Drake, don't wanna kick myself later...
  2. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/905048557660635137
  3. With Hurricane Irma lurking around the corner, figured it might be time to start tracking the potential fantasy implications. https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/hurricane-irma-united-states-hurricane-warning-leeward-islands-hurricane-watch http://www.nbc-2.com/story/36286662/scott-declares-state-of-emergency-ahead-of-irma Of course first of all prayers to all those that will be potentially impacted by this thing (including my Miami behind). If it does indeed hit south Florida, it seems to be trending towards sometime this weekend. As for t
  4. Drafted him everywhere believing in Todd McVay and the new offense knowing well that clips like this exist but haveta say doesn't make re-watching them any easier. Thank goodness there's clips like these to make me feel a bit warmer and fuzzier inside: Hope we see more of those 3:14 type runs this season...
  5. While I can see why people would draw parallels, its a different team, different offense, and different situation IMO. It was Teddy's rookie season IIRC and they had no running game for defenses to respect (AP out that year). I'm also pretty sure the Vikings had an established WR the year Patterson was hyped, wanna say it was Greg Jennings.
  6. That's just speculation, you can't simply state that as fact. Regardless, the inevitable reality is he's one of the few offensive weapons they currently have, he has to be a big part of that offense. Fantasy owners won't have to rely on scoring plays from 40+ yards out for points.
  7. I feel like Hill will surprise a lot of people this year, the fat guy doesn't get rid of Maclin unless he's comfortable with Hill being his #1 WR. Not to mention Tyreek will likely have a decent weekly 'floor' from rushing yards, especially with Ware's injury. The guy gets open almost at will, he's the type of talent that can win you your week, I'll take that any day from my WR2. If I had one concern its Alex Smith capping his upside, but as some already mentioned Hill will rack up yardage with screens and slants at a high frequency. Really amazing how the 'feel' of this thread too
  8. Yea the uncertainty is moving him to DND territory for me, I'd rather know I'll be getting him back week 8 then not knowing if I'll even have him for the fantasy playoffs.
  9. Really like that list except IMO you got Hill way too low, Andy wouldn't have let Maclin go if he didn't trust Hill as the main receiving weapon. I have him between tier 4/5, but he's a tough one to rank.
  10. So I've been playing around a LOT with the 11-12 spot over the past couple of weeks and here's what I concluded. Initially I thought it was safe to go WR-RB-RB-RB-whole-buncha-mid-round-WRs in order to get 3 solid RBs before the 'cliff'. However, in the last week or so I found that the chance for 2 RBs of the Cook/Hyde/Lynch tier making it to the 3/4 turn is becoming more and more unlikely (mainly due to that tier moving up in ADP), and what's worse if no one of that tier makes it you risk getting stuck with only 1 solid RB before the 'cliff'. This usually causes people to reach for a question
  11. Love how those drops are dropping his ADP.
  12. That was the major takeaway for me as well. One pre-season quarter didn't move the needle for me in terms of performance, we all already knew how good he looks when healthy, injury is still a concern with his running style, however, the way he lined up for that 3rd and short make my PPR mouth water.
  13. Trufant was out for the season since week 9
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