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  1. I reaaaally wanna draft him at the 1.12, 2.01 turn over Jordy/Thomas but my conservative side is winning this one so far......for now
  2. I know this is the RB thread but no Devante Parker?
  3. I'm on that same boat, I feel in the minority here but I feel confident about managing my roster with the void if it means ending up with a championship caliber team come playoffs. I just tend to play with championship or bust mentality.
  4. I absolutely hate that tier for where they're being drafted, especially compared to the WRs available at those same rounds, guys like Fitzgerald/Diggs/Parker/Marshall/Tate/etc. This is precisely why my strategy has been to go RB heavy early ( 3 of first 4 rounds ), basically from the 'Hyde/Lynch/Cook' tier and better, along with a stud WR from the 1st/2nd round, then stack WRs in rounds 5-6/7 with the likes of Fitzgerald/Diggs/Parker/Marshall/Tate/etc. The WR options post round 5 are much better then the RB counterparts.
  5. Tbf on that LaMike one: http://pro32.ap.org/article/dolphins-rb-lamichael-james-wants-go-lamike
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