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  1. 2 is most likely IMO, 4 is 2nd most likely, 3 has 0 chance.
  2. The injury didnt look bad at all, I don't even understand how it's his ankle that was injured on the play. I'd be surprised if he misses any games, Raptors are off til Saturday.
  3. Doesnt seem smart to drop Milton for White if you need 3s...
  4. He's scared of tj, had to go and get injured to get out of playing him.
  5. Aw he hurt his little toe. This guy is so soft, ita always something with him.
  6. I literally need 1 assist from him to win my matchup this week. 0 assists through 3 quarters(and not much else either)
  7. Just traded LaVine for this guy. Hope I dont regret it. I'm in first place looking at a bye week so the 4 and 4 games in the playoffs looked great compared to LaVines 3 and 3.
  8. I'd be VERY surprised if he's back this year. Ugh I have him in 4 of my 5 leagues, this sucks.
  9. 25 assists 0 turnovers last 4 games. Pretty impressive.
  10. Yeah just like Covington last season. Oh wait??? He never came back! Why weren't we told?!? Not saying this is Richaun, but it could be. You never know.
  11. Guaranteed he's going to be coming off the bench very soon. Him and Embiid cant share the floor together. I think it happens first game after the asb. Al will be down to about 18 mins per game as Embiids backup.
  12. He looks like he's checked out on this season. This Sixers team is built very poorly. Anytime he touches the ball in the post hes immediately double teamed because nobody on the team can shoot. I dont see things improving.
  13. Where are the guys who liked Rubio over Covington in this thread???
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