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  1. I don't think I've ever had better options for keepers. Unfortunately, can only keep 5. Which five should I keep? 12 team H2H standard 5x5 categories Batters: Soto, Turner, Yordan, Alonso, Mondesi Pitchers: Buehler, Giolito, Flaherty, Nola This is hard! I feel Soto, Turner, and Buehler are locked in. Next is tricky. No idea where to go. I'm thinking Giolito has more upside than Flaherty/Nola.
  2. Lost 2 weeks in a row. Is this team bad and needs fixing? Overall, I'm middle in the Ock on most categories. PG: LaMello SG: Booker SF: RoCo PF: Oubre C : Vuc G: Trae Young F: J Rich Utl: Gobert Utl: Jonas Utl: D Mitchell Bench: MPJ, Rozier, Boucher, Boogie, Markkanen
  3. New team once trade goes through: PG: Booker SG: D Mitchell PF: RoCo SF: Oubre C : Vuc F: M Porter Jr Utl: Rudy Utl: Jonas Utl: Terry Rozier Bench: Boogie, Lauri, j Rich Thought?
  4. Accepted the trade. Final offer was: Harden, BroLo, Horford For Trae, Rudy, Michael Porter Jr
  5. Bumped. Is this really a good deal with my existing team?
  6. 10 team 8 category league Current squad PG: Booker SG: Harden SF: Oubre PF: RoCo C : Vuc F: Horford G: d. Mitchell UTL: Lauri UTL: Jonas UTL: BroLo Bench: Boogie, Richardson, Rozier I'm lacking blocks and assists. We have a 4C limit so I might have to drop BroLo. I'm pretty high on Boogie
  7. Would you trade Harden for Young? 10 team h2h 8 cats PG: Harden SG: Booker SF: Richardson PF: RoCo C : Vuc G: D Mitchell F: Horford Utl: Lauri Utl: BroLo Utl: Jonas V Bench: cousins, Terry, Robinson
  8. Pretty good for 14 team league. Hoping Boogie pans out would be a steal and league winner in 14 team leagues. I hope Noel pans out but might not be. I would say bigs are your weakest but you should have opportunities to upgrade them.
  9. Competitive league. Not the biggest fan. I drafted 7th overall and I have difficulties building around Harden PG: Booker SG: Harden SF: Richardson PF: RoCo C: Vuc G: Donovan Mitchell F: Horford UTL: Valancuinas UTL: BroLo UTL: Lauri Bench: Lou Williams, Boogie, and Duncan Robinson I went for punting FG%. I don't think I have enough steals though.
  10. 12 team h2h 2 keepers .25 ppr QB: Watson RB: Chubb Rb: David Johnson wr: thomas wr: mclaurin te: Waller flex: mostert bench: Boyd, fournette, desean, Edmonds, Tevin Coleman
  11. I'm interested as well. How much is buy in. How many teams and what positions? Also is it auction or contracts?
  12. Thank you! Good point on the other keepers. I never pay too much attention to that. The toughest team has Acuna, Trout, Betts, Bregman, and Lindor. He's won back to back now and he usually punts saves.
  13. Does anyone have some tools or protections for draft strats? I feel I always play best player available, but I never account for a balanced team or low era etc. Here are my 5 keepers. What would you suggest I Target or players for this build. Alonso, T Turner, Buehler, Soto, Yordan I was thinking Target a 3B like Chapman or Suarez. Another SP like Giolito or Price. Not sure for 2B but maybe try to find additional speed there?
  14. If you could pick 3, who would you pick? 1 PPR Pick 2 Wr, 2 RB and 1 flex Melvin Gordon vs Min Nick Chubb @Ari Davante Adams vs Chi Miles Sanders @wsH Raheem mostert Vs atl Julian Edelmen @cin DJ mooreVs sea
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