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  1. This ESPN team blows.I don't want to watch them in the booth.I don't want to hear them talk about things not baseball related.
  2. I'm in a move limited league with Vogt sucking the air out of my stats.I'm thinking of experimenting with this theory for a month,with the ace card of Ramos stashed on the DL,ready to provide quality ABs in June with the DH goodness.Yum!
  3. Anyone know why Yahoo has him as day to day?(He's in todays lineup though)
  4. Frank is an idiot and Yahoo is innocent of any malfeasance or wrongdoing.(This time,but I've got my eye on you yahoo)
  5. Kemp in,Springer out. JD we need you now!
  6. I have no idea what to do.I guess I'll wait until tomorrow and if it isn't resolved I'll get a refund from Paypal and walk from Yahoo.
  7. I just posted this on Reddit too- I'm in a regular,standard H2H Yahoo Pro league whose rules clearly state "Max Acquisitions per Week: 6 " However this weeks opponent has somehow added 8 so far.I thought maybe the first on on Monday might have somehow been a waiver claim that wasn't properly labeled,but he just added an 8th guy an hour ago.These are 2 streaming pitchers he now has that have tipped the balance. What the H*** is going on and what can I do about it? I've posted on Yahoo's message board,emailed customer service twice today and have googled my fingers
  8. I think by leaving him in there to bleed to death,they're making it more than clear about free agency. Don't come back,Jack(you either Jake).
  9. It's exciting owning this guy.If he gets in todays game and does what he's been doing,I've pretty much bagged my ratios and can shut down my pitching and watch my opponent implode trying to catch up.
  10. Both moldering in shallow graves underneath my fantasy baseball clubhouse.
  11. Others hit him in the face with baseballs so we don't have to.
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