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  1. Interest sent w/ Detailed Resume as well. Very curious to see the league first hand, and the prospects as well : ). I think it'd be a great fit as a veteran used to fee-based leagues who is looking for one with minimal keepers as my next venture.
  2. More than interested, have executed winning strategies for existing franchises (true to life) w/ Dbacks and others in (up to) 24-30 team highly competitive leagues. I can send my full Resume on demand. Suffice to say, this sounds fun! Send Constitution to (No spaces) m i n ion ofthe w a stes @ gmail.com and I'll get back ASAP. Prefer the franchises in this order: (Far and away) Dodgers (Will be moving them to crooklyn in my head lol), Braves, Padres, Twins/Rays (Tie?). More than okay paying more in Luxury $ as will be expected w/ some of them.
  3. Hey there, sent a message w/ Cell #, Resume, and a few queries. Thx mate
  4. No invite yet. I'm guessing you didn't get my original email? When I wrote willb___@gmail.com the underscores or "____" marks meant that it was my last name as per my email. I will try to send you an email through a different address if time permits (maybe wednesday?). I may have jumped too quick bc I didn't notice a couple things in constitution that give me pause.
  5. Great! Sent an email earlier w/ my gmail [WillB___@gmail.com] although every so often there's an email addy that places it in spam or it's undelivered.
  6. I'm up for this *ted. Feel free to PM me, and I'll reach out through email as well... 20 year vet but still somehow a young millenial. I also rarely go all-in except when i've already clinched a playoff spot (and even then won't throw away players for one-year guys etc.). fwiw, my account here is dated 2008 as the first carrot of proof lol. Will email more info. For a team like Bosox, you'd definitely want a continuing, smart owner . Although some of the lowlier franchises have great prospect talent too, so it's not like a one-sided game : )
  7. Been in many similar leagues and they certainly are Fun! I'd love to join and this coming Sunday (7 days away) will work well. Let this serve as an additional bump! Feel free to pm me here. (I'll email you as well). The only caveat is 13 or fewer teams seems far too small. 16 is much more sensible since it's mixed. FYI if it helps: you listed 1 SP 1 RP under original post and didn't expand on the positions w/in constitution : ).
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