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  1. Pretty obvious this kid is special, it’s not a hot streak or a sample space thing. People doubting him are gonna miss the train next year. The ball flies off his bat, the combination of power, plate discipline, youth and line up make him a first round guy. He is gonna absolutely terrorize the league next year.
  2. 8 rbi's today, dude's been a machine.
  3. Air Yordan broke Albert Pujols record at that, not a bad non handed comp.
  4. Also, I would add being in that lineup should give his draft status a decent boost. His counting stats are gonna be great with the lineup around him.
  5. FWIW, the guy hits the ball hard. According to Statcast he is 10th in average exit velocity 93mph and 14th in barrel % per plate appearance. His expected batting average according to them is .287. So there will be some regression in the batting average department but the guy is gonna hit for a very good average. His BABIP will be high because he makes excellent contact and hits to all fields. His swing is compact for a big guy. Reasonable expectation is .280-.290 with 30-40 HRs, where does that put him in redraft leagues next year?
  6. Starting in Left Field today, here comes the eligibility
  7. Standard league pick one, need help feel kinda off going with McCown against Denver
  8. Need some advice in a .25 ppr league and need to choose between Hunt/Burkhead or even Doug Martin. Will take any thoughts leaning towards Hunt right now but Burkhead is enticing.
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