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  1. Here is the MLB Blackout map. you are just in a really crappy location where 4 teams have some market rights. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Major_League_Baseball_blackout_policy#/media/File:MLB_Blackout_Areas.png Thanks for the map! Ironically, Toronto is easily the closest team to me but I would have access to all of their games. I'm assuming that's a foreign market thing. I was just really surprised to see Pit and Cle games blacked out here, because I've never seen one of their games locally broadcast here on any of the TV providers I've had. Perhaps is has to do with former affiliation
  2. Yankees, Mets, Pirates, and Indians are all blacked out where I live in Buffalo, NY. Doesn't make much sense to me. Yankees and Mets I understand as we're considered their market, but two teams from entirely different states that have nearly zero market share here? Is anyone else from the WNY area that could shine some light on this for me? I've never gotten MLBTV for this reason (don't feel like messing with DNS unlocators, etc.)
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