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  1. Yeah I was careful with my qualifiers lol. He's not gonna stay this way but the longer he stays hot the better chance he has of a really special season.
  2. Yeah I think as long as he stays healthy he probably grows into the season. The payoff could still be good but it's not going to be immediate.
  3. Best player on the planet right now, and stands a nonzero chance of keeping up something like this ridiculous pace.
  4. This thread makes me glad I don't sign my dogs to long term contracts
  5. I interpret that as room for more bad news.
  6. *Glances at Aaron Judge *Glances at the shotgun over the mantle
  7. I dunno man, I would say the dudes with a $300 million vested interest in a positive outcome are the ones more likely to play fast and loose with any facts currently available. It is possible for the following to be true - people who do or do not own him in any leagues, and are or are not fans of his, can appreciate that a partial dislocation of the shoulder socket doesn't bode well for his availability this season, let alone his effectiveness.
  8. I mean, neither does he have the Mendoza-line floor. I absolutely agree he is a good reclamation project but his last two years are negative WAR. Gio's was nearly 6. The Yankees acquired him because they can think they can turn him around like they did with Urshela, not replace the guy.
  9. I'm pretty sure even Michael Scott would not be surprised by this development.
  10. That was already baked in to his value though, or should have been.
  11. BRB gonna look for a sportsbook taking this action
  12. If you're drafting in a league with an IL I think he's approaching bargain territory. He's still allowed to toss the ball! I think the fact he's not totally shut down is a significant indicator as to the severity of the injury and his ability to ramp back up.
  13. This probably says more about the Mariners than it does about Chris Flexen.
  14. Availability is an ability - pretty easy fade at this point even with the sorta-positive news, especially in redrafts. As a keeper he presents a real dilemma.
  15. It's all speculation but I would think there is less variability about what Gallen will offer upon his return than Syndergaard. In other words I have more confidence Gallen is going to resemble his old self and resume production more quickly.
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