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  1. Short of more Glasnow-type situations I wonder if there will be a rash of blister injuries cropping up now as guys work to grip the ball differently. 

    Again for me this all goes back to Manfred being a moron. If you want to address an issue this deep and divisive, you do it over the course of an offseason and you involve all stakeholders. You take your time and you take steps that all sides can live with. The potential for unintended consequences by doing it has Manfred has done is enormous - from injuries to pace of play to labor relations. Rest assured this situation will do absolute wonders for attitudes going into new CBA negotiations. 🙄

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  2. Cashman seems to get a kick out of hitting on reclamation projects and while Rougned has been a pleasant surprise (at least he brings some energy to the team) that's not really a credible move for a supposed championship contender. 

    I do tend to agree with @knifeparty on managers but I think you can judge the ambitions of this team by how long hitting coach Marcus Thames is employed. Even if the lack of runs isn't totally his fault, you can't say you're serious about winning if you just keep him on while this continues on into June. The team needs a shakeup and you can't fire the whole batting order.

    The product on the field is absolutely the result of creating a one-dimensional team and the rest of the league figuring them out. Oh, and having your best players also be your most injury-prone. That's all on Cashman.

  3. 1 minute ago, posty said:

    I doubt he will get a serious look with that $30 million dollar contract for the season, unless whomever picks him up gets the Angels to pay for it...

    By releasing him (as opposed to him retiring) aren't the Angels still responsible for the rest of his contract? They're just freeing up a roster spot. 

  4. 16 minutes ago, itaos said:

    Beachy, Capuano, Collins, Gagne, Hanrahan, Hudson, Isringhausen, Josh Johnson, Kuo, Medlen, Nathan, Parker, Soria, Taillon, Venters, Zambrano have had at least 2 TJs.


    It's not a death sentence, but it ain't good.

    And only two of them are still in the league smh.

  5. 1 hour ago, Baur10 said:

    The positives: he's taking walks and he's not taking a lot of days off

    The negatives: literally everything else

    I'm giving him some time with the whole team sucking but man he is a drain right now

    Yeah all things considered he's, uh, not the biggest embarrassment in that lineup at the moment.

  6. 9 minutes ago, BMcP said:

    At a certain point, you can’t blame Boone for choosing to play the players who actually contribute positively to winning games.  Frazier isn’t some rook who might need coddling - and the support shown him by his GM to this point is beginning to border on nonsensical.  I think he’ll come out of this in the end, but an extended period to mentally re-set is probably the best move for him.

    He's the second youngest position player on the team with barely a full season's worth of major league games total under his belt coming into this season. The organization gave every indication he was the clear starter and three weeks in he has precisely 7 more plate appearances than Brett Gardner. Gleyber, who I would argue has been more of a liability so far, is at 64 PA to Frazier's 41. 

    I guess I just don't trust the Yankees to develop talent right now. Look at Sanchez, Judge, Torres, Frazier. None of them have taken the step forward you would want and you could argue all of them have in fact seen varying levels of regression.

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  7. To a certain extent I am not worried about the Stantons/Judges/LeMahieus, they know what they are doing and will probably get back on track. It's Torres and Frazier who are young enough where it might get in their heads for an extended period, and/or they change something extreme in their approach that really backfires.

    I can't think of a player this screwed around by the Yankees since Joba Chamberlain.

  8. On 4/20/2021 at 10:34 AM, BMcP said:

    He’s been starting virtually every day - what more do you want them to do?  He needs to do something to deserve playing time - and he’s done...nothing.  At all.

    Chicken or the egg, isn't it. Knowing this team his most likely path back to regular time is through injury.

  9. 14 hours ago, Fbaseballgod said:

    He said "something like" this ridiculous pace.  Yes this would be ridiculous of cousre lol

    Yeah I was careful with my qualifiers lol. He's not gonna stay this way but the longer he stays hot the better chance he has of a really special season.

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  10. 21 minutes ago, TheTruth024 said:


    On Tuesday, GM A.J. Preller confirmed Tatis has "slight" tearing in his labrum, but there is no damage to his rotator cuff and he does not require surgery.
    "It's just being safe and giving the left shoulder inflammation and some of the instability a chance to calm down," Preller told reporters, adding Tatis has full range of motion. "... Overall, the exam today was pretty uneventful." 
    Preller said the team's doctors do not believe Tatis can make the injury worse by playing, though the Padres will place him on the 10-day injured list "to be safe."


    I guess time will tell, but I'll believe the people paying him 300+ million rather than some random article read on the internet.  Maybe they are lying to the fans to keep up hope.  Guess we will find out in a few weeks.  Personally I set the O/U on May 1 he tries to come back.  10 days does seem a little crazy, but I guess anything is possible


    I dunno man, I would say the dudes with a $300 million vested interest in a positive outcome are the ones more likely to play fast and loose with any facts currently available.

    It is possible for the following to be true - people who do or do not own him in any leagues, and are or are not fans of his, can appreciate that a partial dislocation of the shoulder socket doesn't bode well for his availability this season, let alone his effectiveness.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Gryfter said:

    Sneaky add as you can pick him up for nothing. IF the Yanks can fix his contact issues, that power/speed plays especially in that lineup, in Yankee Stadium. Seeing as 2B and SS are locked, a possible position for him would be 3B? He agreed to moved to 3B in Texas in ST. Gio Urshela is a nice player but he doesnt have the 30HR/15SB upside Odor has.

    I mean, neither does he have the Mendoza-line floor. I absolutely agree he is a good reclamation project but his last two years are negative WAR. Gio's was nearly 6. The Yankees acquired him because they can think they can turn him around like they did with Urshela, not replace the guy.

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