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  1. This discussion is probably worth a big ole caveat that if a player or staff comes down with COVID-19 all bets are off. MLB players and employees are probably 99th percentile for air travel and though not at huge risk personally if carrying the virus could spread it far and wide very quickly.
  2. purchase insurance or pay a penalty. And that was ruled invalid so there is currently no consequence to not having insurance. Other than not having insurance, obviously
  3. I think his message to Astros players was "don't do what I did."
  4. So if the Sale news is not good and they scuffle out of the gate are the likes of Mitch Moreland and JD Martinez on the block? E-Rod? Bogaerts?
  5. I think regardless of the specific diagnosis here, you're right that we've seen his best.
  6. To get back on track a little bit I think the larger sporting impacts will be Formula 1 and maybe the Olympics. If there is domestic disruption MLB is the league that will see the brunt of it. Maybe NASCAR too, and the NHL playoffs especially with the travel to/from Canada.
  7. I think the same is true here. It's a rapidly spreading bug that is significantly deadlier than the flu. If its impact is mitigated it's gonna because a lot of people put a lot of time and effort into mitigating it. I think it's too soon to say if it'll have an impact on games. Right now there's probably a small but non-zero chance. Japan has cancelled school across the entire country so it's no joke. A lot of people are banking on warm weather but this is a novel disease so we don't know exactly how it is going to behave. Malaysia is seeing a spread of cases and it's in the 80s there.
  8. The pneumonia has spread back to his elbow.
  9. I agree on that point but I still think for fantasy purposes he could be very useful.
  10. He is exactly the kind of guy the sport needs right now. Long live Bauer
  11. Andujar could potentially have eligibility at 3B, 1B and OF this season and lord knows the Yankees will have the injuries to play him. Given the possible discount due to no position and the shoulder injury I think he could be someone to target as a super-utility type who forces the issue with his bat. IE the opposite of overrated.
  12. I think until now Yankees fans have been willing to give Judge a pass on the injuries but at a certain point the frustration, compounded by what is going on with Stanton, is going to boil over. Health is a skill.
  13. I get what you're saying. Seriously though pneumonia can sap your endurance, cause weight loss, etc so it's further cause to fade him IMO. There are effects that can linger.
  14. I mean, pneumonia is kind of a big deal.
  15. This was also a thing at the tail end of Alex Rodriguez's contract in the context of his PED suspension. That relationship was repaired somewhat before the end but you really only see it when teams and players are at odds. I don't even think there's been much serious talk about the O's trying to get out of Chris Davis' contract. Either they cut him and pay him or keep him and pay him.
  16. Yup not weird at all for an organization desperate to repair its integrity.
  17. Depending who you can get for him or how far he drops I think this makes him a potential target for non-owners.
  18. If you have one near you, try going to a minor league game or two next season. Good for what ails a fan jaded with the majors.
  19. This is the mantra Rob Manfred whispers to himself as he falls asleep each night.
  20. That arms race mentality is the entire reason why the steroids era was what it was. I totally agree this is uncharted territory and my point from the start is once you start down that road of trying to guess how much one thing or another is helping someone and where to draw the line, things get very tricky.
  21. What if the knee brace let CC plant his leg just like old times and he was up there a Cy Young contender again? Unlikely perhaps, but once you start trying to guesstimate how much one thing or another is helping someone, and drawing lines in the sand as to what is fair or unfair, you're well down the slippery slope. Something that struck me when Andy Pettitte explained away his HGH use as a way to recover faster was how that was deemed "not ok" but using cortisone for the exact same reason - speeding recovery - was socially acceptable within the game. Bernie Williams s
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