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  1. 1 hour ago, SpecialFNK said:




    he had a high BABIP last season with the Mets (.359), and in AAA (.394), and he has .340 career BABIP in the minors.

    fangraphs has him at 36.0 hard hit%, with 32.3 FB%.

    baseball savant has him at 39.3 hard hit%, with 13.0 Launch Angle.


    So the thing about selling high with him is that everyone else can see the low counting stats too. His value seems to be his consistency and versatility and those are not super sexy factors to tout when shopping him around. He's more useful as a guy on your bench to plug in whenever your starters have a day off than as a trade chip.

  2. 1 hour ago, LoGo said:


    Just my $0.02 but that comp to Carpenter is a little off. I understand why they said it, but McNeil's power doesn't profile like Carp's. 


    I see more of mid-90s Royals/Padres Wally Joyner


    Love the hipster comp.

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  3. 16 hours ago, MrBrown said:

    Where has he graded high as an outfielder what are you using?   He takes terrible routes, bad reads, doesn't make plays that should be made.  He also doesn't have a good (accurate) arm.  He doesn't really do anything well in the OF.




    While he may not cover as much ground as say, Dustin Fowler, whom the Yanks traded to Oakland in the Sonny gray deal, Frazier’s ability to read a ball off the bat and excellent throwing arm certainly make up for it. According to Fangraphs, Frazier’s defensive grades are as so:

    • Speed: 50/50
    • Field: 45/50
    • Throws: 60/60
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  4. 3 hours ago, MrBrown said:

    He's a horrendous outfielder. Its unreal how bad he is.  People talk like Stanton comes back and should DH, Stanton is a better fielder.  Though I do prefer Stanton at DH to keep him healthy.  Hicks and Stanton are both still weeks away so we'll see what happens by then.  Until then he'll be playing regularly.


    He has graded pretty high as an outfielder. What's been the problem?

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  5. 2 hours ago, Fantasyguy007 said:

    No health issues so what is keeping this dude from getting more buzz? He looks fantastic!


    Honestly I think it's the history of injuries and the relative anonymity of players not named Vlad Jr up in Toronto. He is decidedly post-hype at this point. 

  6. I think getting waylaid by something so stupid as blisters/cracked nails has got to be, ironically, really mentally challenging. As a pitcher you probably steel yourself for major injuries like torn UCLs, but not losing years to such frustrating, niggling stuff. I've really enjoyed the flashes he's shown and don't blame him a bit if he's feeling good about it. 

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