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  1. I think it's probably worth bearing in mind that even if he doesn't win the 1b spot with NYY, it's not like he's going to be taken out back and shot. He and Voit both have minor league options and Bird specifically could walk into playing time if he were dealt.
  2. I got the digital version of Baseball Forecaster this year. I'm probably being dumb but I can't work out how to tell what "page number " I'm on to access the March update from the Baseball HQ website.
  3. I can't remember anyone out that long for a "calf strain." Yeesh.
  4. Not only is Baltimore's current team terrible but their entire organization is on the ropes. Such a shame because I think their stadium is one of the best in baseball.
  5. Eh, I disagree that it signals a change. They still have Adams, Loaisiga, and a bunch of younger guys too, all who could step up as early as next year. They traded one kind of risk for another I suppose, but from a position of strength. Paxton is the right kind of risk to take on for where they're at.
  6. Paxton has shown he can dominate major league lineups. Sheffield hasn't, and might never. That's the definition of a prospect.
  7. Sanchez has opted to under go a left shoulder debridement. Apparently it's been bothering him for a couple years. Reports are that he will be ready for Opening Day, according to Cashman. I would speculate this rules out any of the trade rumors floating around. Anecdotally I had a medial epicondyle debridement on my elbow several years ago. Mine was an open surgery (not arthroscopic). They basically detached the tendon, cleaned up the ragged edges and scar tissue, and reattached it to the bone. I imagine for Gary it will be arthroscopic but basically still just a cleanup op.
  8. I don't know if fans just see him as the next Jesus Montero or what, but I don't get it. He had a lost year, it happens. You got a taste in the postseason of what he's capable of giving you for years to come.
  9. Just saw a report that the Yankees are also "lukewarm" on Machado, in part because of his playoff antics.
  10. So after a great start versus the Yankees, he has allowed 8ER in 8IP, albeit against the Dbacks and @Col. Next start vs Pittsburgh should give a fairer sense of where he's at.
  11. The Mets appear to have batted out of order twice. It's the second inning. Jay Bruce has yet to bat despite batting 4th on the lineup card.
  12. Just diagnosed with a partial UCL tear in his right elbow. Everyone meet back here in 2019 for the post-hype sleeper hype. http://mlb.nbcsports.com/2018/04/11/mets-catcher-travis-darnaud-has-a-partial-ucl-tear/
  13. Is this Fenway where Tanaka's strong start to the season comes of the rails?
  14. Probably not much help for fantasy playoff purposes, but it will be interesting to see if he plays any 3rd base. Might be a chance he gets eligibility there for next season, depending on your league.
  15. I think they ought to trade him, even if his value is not at its peak right now. As a Yankee fan it reminds me a lot of Robbie Cano's last year in New York. They should have traded him for a king's ransom, and instead he played a bunch of pretty meaningless games for them in the second half and then left for Seattle anyway. The O's have the pieces to really jump-start a rebuild, if they are bold enough to move them. Two words say they don't though, and they are "Peter Angelos"
  16. Just a mistake, it seems. Gray still listed for tonight.
  17. Jon Morosi @jonmorosi Source: In Sonny Gray talks, #Athletics prioritizing young center fielders. They have interest in #Yankees prospect Estevan Florial. @MLB If Florial is the centerpiece I do that all day long if I'm Cashman.
  18. Home vs. SD on Saturday. Could be a nice stream.
  19. I posted in the Gausman thread that I think he would benefit from a change of scenery but good lord, not to Colorado.
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