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  1. 13 minutes ago, Dugout Legend said:

    I see some Manny Machado trade speculation being bandied about on Twitter. Doubtful he signs long-term after his 2018 season ( then a FA ). Think there is a legit chance the O's move him in next few days?? I


    I feel it's more of the crazy rumor or " false speculation" type thing brewing but curious to know if others think it's a realistic chance he gets moved sooner rather than later?? Or do you think he does in fact sign a new long-term contract?


    If they do trade him, maybe in off season?


    Thoughts on any of this?


    I think they ought to trade him, even if his value is not at its peak right now. As a Yankee fan it reminds me a lot of Robbie Cano's last year in New York. They should have traded him for a king's ransom, and instead he played a bunch of pretty meaningless games for them in the second half and then left for Seattle anyway. The O's have the pieces to really jump-start a rebuild, if they are bold enough to move them. Two words say they don't though, and they are "Peter Angelos"

  2. His name hasn't come up among the players the Orioles might move, presumably because his value is so low at this point and he has three more years of team control, but Gausman strikes me as someone who could be a classic change-of-scenery beneficiary. He's shown what he's capable of but the regression makes you wonder if he'll ever come good in a place that's notoriously bad for developing starters. I wonder if any teams have inquired.

  3. Well, what made him special was the fastball that could touch the upper 90s paired with the splitter. Add to that a slider he was working on in ST and it could have all come together this season. 


    Now, yesterday could be framed as a step in the right direction but playing in that bandbox for that team it'll take some massive progress for him to be fantasy relevant. From a real baseball standpoint if the O's really believe they are contenders they can't keep throwing out multiple guys with ERAs over 5. 

  4. Seeing the doctor again today. Rumblings also that he may just stay at AAA if he is deemed healthy but continues to struggle. For anyone stashing, pay attention, with the Yankees's level of play they're not going to run out a struggling youth movement. 

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