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  1. Austin Meadows slumping pretty good too at the moment. Too bad all around.
  2. !? https://twitter.com/jareddiamond/status/854406960963309568 Suspended 80 games for Nandrolone.
  3. Drawing the inevitable Yankees/Mets comparison, which is more painful: Having such an amazing rotation unable to get or stay healthy like you see with the Mets, or failing to develop generation after generation of starters like the Yankees have done?
  4. Jones is going to be far less risky than someone like Joc Pederson though. Whether that's worth the difference in ADP - fair question.
  5. Adam Jones must hold the record for highest ratio of stats to posts in his annual thread. He's been set-and-forget for a decade.
  6. "Stress reaction" in his 6th rib. Reevaluation in two weeks. My stress reactions usually impact my liver but I tend to recover in a day or two.
  7. I'm not saying it's right but we all know there's a lot more demand and potential $$$ for a guy who touches 100 than for someone riding 90-92 with great command. That's just the way the game has gone and if you buy the following assessment, even Maddux knew it back when he was in the minors. http://deadspin.com/the-scouting-reports-said-greg-maddux-shouldnt-have-bee-1612202873 I am not at all downplaying the importance of mechanics, my point is effectively whether or not it's possible to grade resiliency in a pitcher, beyond the general "horse/not a horse" assessment
  8. For me, mechanics aside, the interesting question is whether there is something fundamentally different about the construction or composition of elbows of guys who seem to never get hurt - and if there is, is it possible to detect that same characteristic in a prospect. You might be able to minimize the risk to your elbow by perfecting your mechanics but it may be that some people are literally born with a "rubber arm" and it is a trait that is undervalued/hard to value because you can't predict it.
  9. Ryu making Juan Uribe look downright svelte.
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