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  1. Acuna is reaching God tier (if he hasn't already). I'm trying to figure out if something like Acuna for Cole-JoseRam-Kershaw is even enough to sell him.
  2. Doubling their 60 game stats as representation of a 162 game season makes sense in your head?
  3. Rotoworld finally stops signing us out every time we come back on mobile and NOW you decide to leave? Take care dude!
  4. Really good outing today. 4IP 0H 2BB 5K Unveiled a 65mph curve he calls “the turkey sub” and topped his fastball out at 97mph. Sat between 94-96.
  5. Per Gallen, even a jump to 140 innings would be crazy. That’s not very many. https://www.azsnakepit.com/2021/3/6/22317328/zac-gallen-innings-limit-in-2021
  6. I’m trying to figure out which side they think was getting ripped off
  7. 5x5 roto, keep 7 players forever losing 1 round value per year. 1st round Yu Davish 6th round Zac Gallen 13th round Jesuz Luzardo 23rd round Julio Rodriguez My other keepers are: Ronald Acuna, Jose Ramirez, Keston Hiura, and Wander Franco
  8. You're really splitting hairs. Frangraph's literally leads their 2021 top 100 prospects with: "Franco is as good as a prospect can get, checking every box on a performance, scouting, and analytical level." https://blogs.fangraphs.com/2021-top-100-prospects/
  9. Brandon Lowe just played 56 of 60 games and was on pace for 604 PA over a full season. If Franco is good as advertised he’s not getting platooned.
  10. Just too much upside in side A to take side B IMO.
  11. I'm trying to win this year in a keeper league. I'm trading Vlad + 1 for a either JoseRam+Goldy or Bogaerts+Freeman. So which duo do you prefer ROS?
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