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  1. Not relevant to this thread, but this isn't an accurate take. Bills moved the ball the entire game and finally stopped shooting themselves in the foot late. Both Browns look to be good waiver adds to me as well to return to the subject. I wouldn't focus too much on the snap count given the score/game script and the fact he was coming off of injury.
  2. That’s more like it. Seemed to be hitting his spots better.
  3. Another HR and really cutting back on the k's the last week or so. Loving the 940 OPS.
  4. Dude's 19 years old displaying massive power and adjusting to High A ball. He's certainly interesting.
  5. Just have a feeling this guy is going to be a monster. So much power at a young age and while he strikes out he can take a walk and suggests his approach could maybe improve over time. Seems like the ceiling is very high here.
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