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  1. Not many players at the age of 17 have posted a 150 wRC+ or more in Rookie ball. At least not this decade. Even 140 wRC+ is an impressive bar to reach. Soto is head and shoulders above his peers in his first taste of pro ball with a 184 wRC+. Albies (160), Devers (146), Acuna (142), Vlad (122), Torres (119), and Tatis (108) trail Soto in wRC+ as well as his ISO of .189 and his wOBA of .450. The Appy League is only 1/3 of the season underway but if Wander Franco finishes his season with Princeton, Soto may have some company. Wander Franco .352/.403/.592 7.8% K 157 wRC+ .442 wOBA .239 ISO
  2. Mitch Moreland - Leads AL 1B (among qualified) in wRC+, wOBA, SLG, 2nd in OBP and AVG Gleyber Torres - Leads AL in SLG, 2nd in AL 2B in wRC+, wOBA, HR, 3rd in AVG. 4th in OBP. He's injured and won't play so Jed Lowrie who is worthy should take his spot, but Gleyber's selection was certainly deserved. Lorenzo Cain - I can see your point, but he is the best glove on the team in the OF and his stats aren't undeserving of a spot. I definitely agree with you on Yelich and either Muncy, Peralta, or Schwarber should have that spot and Blackmon's. Folty - Only if
  3. Votto over Aguilar and Muncy is a good example of this. Same with Contreras and Posey over Realmuto. NL has to carry 3 Catchers because the players and fans chose the wrong catcher and MLB had to designate Realmuto as the Marlins rep. At least Stripling should get a spot if Nola and Corbin make their scheduled starts on Sunday.
  4. Had him on the watch list after his first fangraphs mention. Now he’s with TB, for me, until I know if they use him as an opener or closer I’ll have to keep watching.
  5. So much potential. So much inefficiency.
  6. Rage drop. Though half those runs are on Andy Green. Should have been pulled long before but tomorrow’s one of those stupid bullpen days.
  7. Starting only because my opponent has 8 starts this week and starting Lyles gives me 9. Would love to bench him but gotta chase those stupid IP. Worst. Cat. Ever.
  8. Two different pitchers on the mound for the Angels in 4 innings. Bad Heaney was getting crushed on his FF. Good Heaney has been getting strikes on off speed and slider.
  9. Might be my last Tropeano start. Nothing he’s throwing right now is fooling anyone. Completely flat just trying to push it to different spots. I only hope Anibal Sanchez is still available when he comes off of waivers.
  10. Since we last saw Canning he was coming off of starting 4.1 innings of a no hitter. He started the next game with 3.2 innings of another no hitter giving him 8 innings of no hit ball. Tonight he gave up his first hit since this post went up. 1 hit and 1 walk tonight in 4.2 IP (75 pitches). Broadcast said he was sitting 93-95. His last 6 starts 28 innings 7 hits 1 ER 32/16 K/BB (had a 6 walk game) K%=30% Ready to see him in AAA then LA in September
  11. Looks like he needs to build some stamina still. He wasn’t anywhere close to commanding his pitches when he was pulled going into 90+ pitches. but I was pleased with what i saw tonight despite his FIP. The Tigers aren’t big hackers and he got 22% of them on K and 13% swinging.
  12. 5.2 IP to be exact. I don't think any of us expected him to induce the same SwStr% he did against the Rockies but it was almost cut in half against the Pirates. He still got a good bit of called strikes and the velocity didn't wane in the 6th but his control did I think. A 4 pitch walk to Moran then if you look at the pitch location to Meadows, it was almost exclusively down and away and Meadows just sat on it.. Don't know if that was planned or he missed his spots. But yeah, one out away from two fantastic starts.
  13. I'm holding but very prepared for a rough week vs. Cole, Verlander, Hendricks, Quintana, and Darvish.
  14. Starting. He took Bryan Mitchell’s spot in the rotation. So it’s Lyles’s spot unless he turns back into Jordan Lyles.
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