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  1. 13th overall pitcher taken in our FYPD draft this year. I won’t even give myself any credit for jumping on board at 35th overall bc I was probably going with Wilcox had he not gone the pick before. I am no expert in developing pitchers but it seems as though he should be making his next start in AA with not much left to prove in A+
  2. Part of that has to do with him feeling Marte will grow out of SS. The SSS of AB as a pro was the sticking point for him though and he wrote that without having seen him in person yet in a game. Now here’s what he wrote yesterday about Marte randomly spoke with two scouts (and Kiley) who saw Marte within the last week, and all thought the power displays he put on in BP were incredible. It’s much easier to see and feel when certain players have a different, special level of physicality when you’re able to get very near them on the backfields, and Marte absolutely has that so
  3. Thank you. I was trying to post that tweet last night and failed miserably. Also nice to see he hit another after I went to sleep!
  4. https://twitter.com/Gillogly/status/1393028491893821441?s=20
  5. Josiah Gray was scratched from his start tonight. Speculation was that Buehler’s blisters are back but 4K thru 2 IP with a solo shot given up to Haniger suggest he’s okay. Guess we have to wait and see until tomorrow.
  6. FB, SI, SL CH That CH has been a pretty good weapon. It has a 42% whiff rate and has yet to be put in play. Now it’s only been used against batters 6% of the time and he breaks it out when he’s seeing batters for the 3rd time but he’s only 22. He’s learning how to use his stuff. Disclaimer: I am not comparing the two but I just think it’s crazy that if Ynoa threw the CH about 6 more times per start, he’d have a similar 3 pitch mix to deGrom. That’s just what you can do when you shove a FB 99 mph and a SL at 92 mph.
  7. I think we’re all thankful that didn’t happen. I don’t have the will to roster another Dodgers prospect who’ll see full time starts the same time they become eligible for SSI.
  8. If I were asked to make a Top 100 today, I couldn’t put him in until he performs against more advanced pitching. But there’s still a few guys at the back of those lists I’d drop so fast on my roster for Hauver. Because if it’s real, I’d hate that I passed on anyone hitting that many balls that hard.
  9. Lead off homer off of Miles Mikolas tonight with a SB Playing CF tonight after starting the season opener last night in RF. Margot and Phillips are playing capable baseball right now to keep Brujan in Durham but it’s only a matter of time.
  10. Not many players at the age of 17 have posted a 150 wRC+ or more in Rookie ball. At least not this decade. Even 140 wRC+ is an impressive bar to reach. Soto is head and shoulders above his peers in his first taste of pro ball with a 184 wRC+. Albies (160), Devers (146), Acuna (142), Vlad (122), Torres (119), and Tatis (108) trail Soto in wRC+ as well as his ISO of .189 and his wOBA of .450. The Appy League is only 1/3 of the season underway but if Wander Franco finishes his season with Princeton, Soto may have some company. Wander Franco .352/.403/.592 7.8% K 157 wRC+ .442 wOBA .239 ISO
  11. Mitch Moreland - Leads AL 1B (among qualified) in wRC+, wOBA, SLG, 2nd in OBP and AVG Gleyber Torres - Leads AL in SLG, 2nd in AL 2B in wRC+, wOBA, HR, 3rd in AVG. 4th in OBP. He's injured and won't play so Jed Lowrie who is worthy should take his spot, but Gleyber's selection was certainly deserved. Lorenzo Cain - I can see your point, but he is the best glove on the team in the OF and his stats aren't undeserving of a spot. I definitely agree with you on Yelich and either Muncy, Peralta, or Schwarber should have that spot and Blackmon's. Folty - Only if
  12. Votto over Aguilar and Muncy is a good example of this. Same with Contreras and Posey over Realmuto. NL has to carry 3 Catchers because the players and fans chose the wrong catcher and MLB had to designate Realmuto as the Marlins rep. At least Stripling should get a spot if Nola and Corbin make their scheduled starts on Sunday.
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