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  1. Except someone did. On the week 10 bold predictions article for fantasy pros, dated Saturday Nov 14th. I put the link on here as well if you wanted to read it. Kudos to Joshua Lefkowitz for his bold call. “Ronald Jones (RB – TB) gets back into the good graces of the Tampa Bay coaching staff, records 100 scrimmage yards and a touchdown, outscoring and out-snapping Leonard Fournette. Jones has been extremely impactful as a runner and in the passing game when he has the coaching staff’s trust. However, a fumble and a few dropped passes have put Jones on a short leash. This will change once a
  2. AB never played a game with Brady at Gillette stadium. He played 1 game with the Patriots, in Miami and then was cut the next week.
  3. All you and each team in the league that doesn’t want that notification every time there’s an add/drop need to do is this: Go to the league chat and press the info icon in the top right corner, it’s the i with a circle around it. Next click bot messages and turn the slider from on to off. It’s shows blue when on and white when off but my app is in dark mode so I don’t know what color normal yahoo will show that as. That’s it, once you do that no more notifications in the chat for you once someone adds or drops a player.
  4. As I understand it and maybe I’m wrong, but on yahoo the only designations allowed to go in the IR spot is O (out), IR, and PUP. Currently from what I’ve been seeing is that anyone added to the COVID list has been getting a NA designation, which is not a designation that is currently eligible for IR on yahoo, if I understand it correctly. So wouldn’t that mean that if some is on the COVID list you couldn’t put them in your IR spot?
  5. We all know he’s capable of big things clearly, however one thing that concerns me other than Haskins that I really don’t see anyone talking about is his schedule, especially over the first 5 weeks, it seems brutal. Philly (Darius Slay) ARZ (Patrick Peterson) Cleveland (Denzel Ward) Baltimore (Humphrey and Peters) Rams (Jalen Ramsey) Not to mention playing Pittsburgh who has a good defense and secondary, the 49ers who have a good defense, and even the Giants who signed James Bradberry who has shown flashes of being a pretty good CB, and Detroit who signed T
  6. It’s a figure of speech, not literal. Of course you should know that, but I digress. Yep. Back to football. Everyone feel free to dislike Brady as you wish, career Brady or 2020 season Brady. 3...2...1.....GO!
  7. What a shocking turn of events that Brady haters would agree with other Brady haters. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  8. Your lack of reading comprehension is mind boggling. You bolded the section where I said Belichick has never been to a SB as a head coach without Tom, facts by the way, and then you proceed to talk about two SB wins as an assistant coach with the Giants? Wow. I’m not downgrading anything necessarily as I said earlier, I just find it interesting that Belichick never had success as a head coach without Tom. 1 playoff appearance in 5 seasons with the Browns who had been to the playoffs 5 of 6 seasons before he got there, 5-11 with the Patriots in 2000 while having Bledsoe at QB, and mis
  9. Like I told Dashoe earlier in this thread, Tom Brady lives rent free inside your mind. You eat, sleep and breathe Tom Brady, and to be honest by reading your posts about him it’s clear that you can’t be objective.Which means there’s no rational conversation to be had here because you’re gonna believe what you want regardless. But my question is how you can knock Tom for cheating if that’s what you believe but apparently not knock the supposed ringleader Belichick? Also for people who want to talk about cheating, didn’t Peyton Manning have HGH shipped to his house but it was for his
  10. So the stat of a 42-58 win/loss record for Belichick before Brady started for him is modern runaway offense? Or having 4 losing seasons in 5 years with the Browns who went to the playoffs 5 of 6 years before he got there? Or going 5-13 with Bledsoe, a former number 1 overall pick and SB runner up QB? People talk about Matt Cassell and NE going 11-5 in 2008 while missing the playoffs, but that was 5 games worse than the year before when they went 16-0, with you guessed it Brady as the QB. I find all of that pretty interesting. Not discrediting Belichick necessarily as the
  11. Regardless of where it’s from....it’s factual information. People surely don’t mind quoting ESPN when talking about spygate or deflategate. 😂 🤔
  12. The facts presented by Greenberg are pretty interesting in my opinion, especially for people who like to marginalize Tom Brady in the success of the Patriots.
  13. It’s certainly possible, it’s also possible that the scheme gets adapted. Byron Leftwich is calling plays, and he’s played in West Coast systems before. I know it’s Arians system and he likes to go deep but you don’t bring in the GOAT when you’re trying to win in a small window, which Tampa clearly is trying to, and then stubbornly not adapt somewhat to what Tom likes. Maybe he didn’t adapt to Ben or rookie Andrew Luck or Palmer, but they’re not Brady. Now having said that, considering you’re clearly a Brady hater, I’m not sure a rational conversation can be had here. No matter wha
  14. Tom should choose Tampa and be thankful that he’d actually have a coach that covets him for once and more importantly, weapons to throw to. Evans, Godwin, OJ, Brate, hell even Scott Miller has some potential, and if I’m Tampa I also sign Chris Thompson to give Brady his new James White. Tampa could then spend a good amount of the draft on OL and Defense. People seem to forget Tampa was 7-9 last year with Jameis throwing 30 INTs, and the kicker missing quite a few kicks, definitely costing Tampa the game against the Giants.
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