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  1. It’s May 16th and Suarez still has more K’s than total bases.
  2. Gonna keep asking this until it’s no longer true. Still true 120 AB’s into the season.
  3. Is it bad to have more strikeouts than total bases?
  4. Need to pick between these two in the championship. Higbee has killed it but the matchup is tough and Everett returns. Hollister had done nothing for a month but the matchup is elite.
  5. Monday night will have rain but very little wind and 55 degree weather. Not sure that warrants any lineup adjustments.
  6. Unfortunately faces the Bears this week and may need to be benched as a result.
  7. "We're gonna make the reigning 50 TD throwing MVP beat us"
  8. Meh. Sign in the morning, go to practice, 200 YFS and 2 TDs Sunday, profit????
  9. Andy Reid on LeSean McCoy: "We looked at the tape. I've known him a long time. He still has the great feet, the vision. We're lucky to have Damien here, who we consider a starter. I think it's a great situation for them to be in."
  10. Interested to see if Reid is asked about this signing during his next press conference, whenever that is.
  11. His 0-15 stretch is just what the doctor ordered [...]
  12. Looks like Yahoo won't make him IL eligible until tomorrow. Thanks!
  13. Forgot what it was like to watch him go 0-4, glad to have him back!
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