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  1. Trevor Lawrence would go a long way to assuaging a fan base that would be (rightfully) irate their team traded away a 25 year old franchise QB. What's the alternative? Trade him to Denver for 21 overall and some future picks? That won't net them a franchise QB. The Jets with the 2nd overall pick could be enticing, but TLaw is an easier sell than Fields/Wilson IMO.
  2. There really is no incentive to trade him... unless Jacksonville comes along waving around that #1 overall pick
  3. He should get the INJ tag if ruled out for tonight
  4. I'm slightly biased as a Mixon owner, but Cinci absolutely needs to go for OL to protect Joe Burrow. They played themselves out of a guaranteed shot at Sewell, but they should really do what they can to ensure they get him.
  5. 100% we need his scoring. No coincidence the teams been trending upwards while Norm has been producing.
  6. I don't think the Raps will trade him unless he asks for it. Currently in the 8th seed and trending up after a horrible start, why not see if the gang can go for 1 last run?
  7. He'd be my choice for #2. Reminds me of a jacked up Dak or a tall Russell Wilson.
  8. Lots and lots of small ball with a KLow/FVV/Norm/OG/Siakam lineup. Baynes is absolute trash anyways.
  9. Try the Upright app in the meantime. https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/upright-fantasy-news/id1333375442
  10. The Bears already declined his 5th year option (last May). 5th year options have to be accepted/declined before the 4th year. Trashbinsky is a UFA.
  11. Too many dominos left to fall in free agency before we can reasonably guess. Where do Watson & Wentz end up? If Watson goes to the Jets, where does Darnold end up? I wouldn't be surprised if Lawrence, Field, Wilson & Lance (in no particular order, except Lawrence) end up being your top 4 picks of the draft.
  12. RIP Rotoworld. RIP to my dark theme. RIP my eyeballs.
  13. The Rams added Duck Hodges too, probably just to muddy the waters behind Stafford
  14. I wish my Raptors would go get him. We're dying for a young upside big like Allen.
  15. Yep missed 2 games already ruled out for a 3rd he should be getting that INJ tag hours ago
  16. Yep. Super flex-worthy. So flex-worthy I’ll be flexing him in my RB1 spot.
  17. Running it back again this week? Cowboys are a nice matchup.
  18. The Bengals might be the worst run franchise in the league. Clown show from top to bottom. Sean McVay’s poolboy Zac Taylor should go back to college and suck there too.
  19. But the Bengals’ oline was so good? Who could have seen this coming?
  20. Thoughts this week against a tough Tampa D? Don't feel great about it.
  21. Yep. 3 TD coming in the next couple weeks while he's on everybody's bench. Just enough to get the hype train rolling into next season.
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