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  1. I have degrom, woodruff, Paddack, Gonzales, mahle, stroman, urquidy, taillon and german as well. Pitching is expensive in our league. Goldy’s age is the only reason I’m hesitant and I have a feeler out for Hoskins too, it’s a keep all so everyone they both will be keepers.
  2. 16 team dynasty with standard cats, my first base is lacking with only Sano, La Stella and Slater. I have been offered Goldy for Berrios who is my #3 starter after degrom and woodruff, should I make the move or will I be okay with what I have?
  3. We're getting our keeper back up and running and throwing all the players back in the pot to have one big draft, after 11 years it was getting stale and covid was the nail in the coffin but most guys would like to start anew. What are the best rankings to use? I have the 14th of 16 picks so I am trying to figure out the best strategy for my draft.
  4. With Yordan getting some playing time at first how likely is it that he could get 1B eligibilty?
  5. 14 team keep all with standard cats I need a 1B with Sano my best option at the moment. I have Acuna, Robert, Alvarez, Rosario, Dylan Moore and Austin Slater as OF depth and it's start three. Should I move Alvarez for one of Olson or Smith +
  6. 16 team with standard cats, start 3 OF I am loaded with OF: Acuna, Rosario, Smith, Mercado, Alvarez, Robert, Rodriguez. I have been offered Brendan McKay, Jazz Chisholm, Alek Thomas and a 1rst rounder for Mercado. Is this a must or would you keep Mercado? Thanks
  7. Is this an easy accept? I have Paddack on my minor squad but will be promoting after putting Taillon on my IR/DL, I was offered Luis Castillo for Paddack and a 2nd round minor pick, the pick will be 28th overall, where all 2020 draft picks will be available
  8. I.m thinking Lamet and Hendricks with the season Diaz had
  9. 16 team keep 10 with 10 minors. We count R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG and OPS for bats and W, K, Saves, Holds, ERA and WHIP for pitchers. We also start 1 at each position with LF, CF, and RF instead of OF. I have Will Smith(C), Tatis Jr, Yordan Alvarez and Paddack on my minor squad that don't have to be protected but I need to keep 10 of the following: carlos santana jon villar nolan arenado paul dejong ron acuna jr starling marte hunter dozier ian happ strasburg carrasco castillo edwin diaz liam hendricks carlos martinez
  10. With Perez on my DL now there are really no stand out options to grab, I picked up Barnes but with him in a 60/40 time share with Martin should I grab someone else? 16 team dynasty with standard cats and some other notables are: Chirionos, Cervelli/Diaz, Suzuki/Gomes, Astudillo, Barnhart,,,,,,, should I just stream the flavor of the week or is there one I should grab over the rest? Thanks
  11. 16 team league with R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS & K, Wins, Saves, Holds, ERA, WHIP. I won the league last year so looking to repeat so any help is appreciated. We can keep anywhere from 0 to 10 Greg Bird Nolan Arenado Did Gregorius Delino Deshields Michael Taylor Gregory Polanco Starling Marte Miguel Sano Odubel Herrera Brandon Belt Stephan Strasburg Carlos Carrasco Trevor Bauer Zack Godley Kevin Gausman Edwin Diaz Ken Giles I'm thinking Arenado, Marte, Sano, Strasburg and Carrasco are no brainers so that leaves me with 5 more spots. Gregorius, Polanco,
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