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  1. I'm starting Cousins this week instead and then rolling Goff out weeks 15 and 16 if I make it that far. Great matchups.
  2. I picked him up - why not if you have room? Just on volume alone he could be valuable.
  3. He looked like he tweaked his groin at the end of the game last night. Hopefully he's ok.
  4. Watson isn't even ranked in the Rotoworld rankings. Does anyone think he's worth a pick-up?
  5. I also think he comes back strong. He's well rested and with defenses having to worry about Gordon, Edelman, James White, etc. he may be feasting the rest of the season. Good luck to all Gronk owners the rest of the way.
  6. I think the Patriots are vulnerable. Internal strife between Brady and Belichick and both coordinators interviewing for jobs. This team is about to blow up and it wouldn't surprise me if they've lost some focus and might be ripe for a huge upset.
  7. Haha call him whatever you want. And please bench him tomorrow.
  8. This kind of game is made for a possession type receiver like Thielen. No way I bench him in PPR. I could see 8 to 10 catches with the strong possibility of a TD. If Thielen owners bench him for the championship, don't come crying later.
  9. TY is just a bust. Still don't understand why the Raiders don't pound Beast Mode close to the goal line.
  10. Because he's on the road against the best pass D in the league AND my opponent has AJ Green - that's why.
  11. The only reason I suggested benching Wilson for Dalton is because the Seahawks are at Jacksonville this week. Otherwise, it's a no brainer.
  12. Start him ahead of Russell Wilson? My opponent has AJ Green as well.
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