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  1. Yep I bought into the Patriots backfield and now I'm in a pickle my friends. Which 2 do you start and which 1 do you bench? Curious on opinions here.
  2. I Wouldn't change anything. From what I'm gathering from your post it seems like there's going to be garbage available in the draft anyway so I'd sit tight with your selections.
  3. Tough choice. Me I'd go Evans and Thomas. I know Zeke has tons of talent it's just so tough for RBs to play all 16 every year.
  4. 10 team ppr. Drafted 5th no keepers. QB Cam Newton WR Odell Beckham WR Michael Thomas RB Isaiah Crowell RB Christian McCaffrey TE Kyle Rudolph FLEX Lamar Miller BN Larry Fitzgerald BN Eric Decker BN Duke Johnson BN Theo Riddick BN Hunter Henry Thoughts appreciated!
  5. Damn, this hurts for the playoffs. Rest up for a monster year next season, kid.
  6. Damn son, that's a great start right there. Wonder if he will come out for the 8th, sitting at 95 pitches.
  7. Could be developing into an ace before our eyes this season.
  8. Had a piss poor Spring training and hasn't really done much this regular season to inspire confidence. Trigger finger is getting real itchy here.
  9. Bomb! Dude's gonna rake the rest of the way...watch.
  10. This must be a new Joey Gallo...was it Joey CALLOW?
  11. Yup I'm on board. With a name like Dinelson how can you not be.
  12. Faster get gets 1B eligibility the better with the dud of a season that Carlos Santana has put on so far for me and everyone else.
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