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  1. Dropped him over a month ago, haven't looked back he carries zero value if he's not running. You're better off stashing Rosario if available
  2. Start him if you don't care about peripherals and you need counting stats. Sit him if you're in the opposite position.
  3. Next week it is... News: Diamondbacks GM Mike Hazen said Thursday that A.J. Pollock (groin, quad) will not return this weekend. Impact: Pollock is back to playing in minor league rehab games after taking six days off with a quad injury, but the Diamondbacks don't want to rush him this time. The dynamic center fielder originally landed on the disabled list May 15 with a right groin strain. He should be ready sometime early next week.
  4. He's played 2 straight games and 3 out of 4 in AAA. 10 plate appearances. Time to come back?
  5. Is anyone complaining if he ends up a .260 hitter with 40 HRs and 100+ RBI? Just enjoy the free ride
  6. it's a bummer, but if it's only an extra week, i'm not too bummed.
  7. Definitely a hold still. This week will be a good data point. He has one of the more hitter friendly matchups all week.
  8. FWIW to anyone, I cut bait a week ago in a competitive 12 team league and no one has bothered picking him up. I'm still watching his box scores closely to jump on any potential positive regression, but very happy with freeing up that roster spot for now.
  9. Im not calling him a bust for the season but I am calling him one up until this point. And yes, there is still plenty of time to go, but there's also been enough data points for people to start making educated guesses. I wasnt one one expecting him to repeat his numbers last year, but I was expecting a top 10-12 2B. Ive definitely tempered that expectation as his peripherals don't look strong, there isn't a lot of bad luck implied in his numbers, and he's now batting in the bottom 3rd of a NL lineup. Im fine with calling him a bust (that is not close to top 12 of his position) to this point so far
  10. So yeah, your expectation was one of the more moderate or reasonable ones and he's not on pace to achieve those expectations, except for the SBs. Complete miss on the optimistic expectations, in risk of missing most categories in the modest expectations. That's a bust IMO
  11. Sorry if I missed it, but what were your expectations exactly? This meets your expectations?
  12. The hype train might have been ridiculous but he's not showing much hope in hitting the more modest projections (.280 average, .700 OPS). As you mentioned, I'm still rostering him as a backup SS bench guy if I need a chance at a cheap SB, but that's all he's worth right now, especially with where he's hitting in the lineup. Didn't come close to the high end projections, isn't on pace for modest projections, and is essentially a 1 category asset at this point. That's pretty much a bust.
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