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  1. Imagine believing that Tyrod Taylor was a better option than Herbert.
  2. Because coaches do not like getting shutout. Its really just that simple.
  3. Looks like he returned to practice today. Shanahan even left the door open for him suiting up sunday. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30010471/49ers-wr-deebo-samuel-te-george-kittle-ready-practice?platform=amp
  4. If Rotoworld Forum had the category, “Most likely to have been concussed by frozen ham”, my vote definitely would go to @pastorofmuppets2 😂😂
  5. This game might feature the most running plays in league history. I could even see both coaches agreeing to have qbs take turns kneeling for 59 min then settling the match with 50 yard FG attempts.
  6. Yes but i think that reason is still TBD. I’m not impressed with shutting down the likes of Kenyan Drake, Chris Thompson and Jon Hillman. They also allowed old man Gore to have a great day against them. Granted, he was able to open some holes with his walker. But still. If they shut down Chubb, I’ll be a believer.
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