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  1. Braves come to an agreement with Shane Greene per roto Smith has been solid, converting 7/7 save opps...surely Smith's leash is fairly long right?
  2. Damn he crushed that ball last night, deepest part of the park and plenty of room to spare.
  3. Hard to trust Reyes with his 7+ BB/9 and 100% LOB right now. Dont get me wrong, ive been enjoying the steady dose of saves but i fully expect a blowup at some point unless he gets his command tightened up
  4. Gotta love these definitive statements in the closer threads. We are all here for a reason and certainty is not one of them.
  5. ESPN has a video snippet from STL/PHI box score that states "Nolen Arenado hit by pitch in retaliation for Bryce Harper" What? It was the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs in a tie game...why would Neris intentionally put a man on base especially with T Oneil swinging a relatively hot bat?
  6. Did you perhaps tune into the game? In the bottom of the 6th down 0-2, Marco gave up a double to Gurriel and then walked Correa with Tucker at the plate. The whole point of a fireman is to put out a fire. With 3 innings remaining for your struggling offense to muster more than 2 runs while staring a few more down the barrel is exactly the fire you want to prevent. Marco was lucky to get out of the jam but if Tucker got on or drove in a run you bet your bottom dollar Graveman is in. No point in saving your best arm in the pen when you are down 0-4 in the 9th. Graveman was primed so he was
  7. Graveman is the fireman. He was warming up in the pen when Marco was scuffling in the bottom of the 6th. We will see him all over the place it looks like.
  8. Diego went out a few days ago...he is back today!
  9. He looked good up until the last couple appearances (5 ER in last 3 GP). Well, he may still look good but the stat sheet doesnt.
  10. For instance, last week: in one league....Carson Fulmer, Kopech, Sims and Whitlock netted me 10 IP, 13Ks, 0 ERA 0.6 WHIP in another....Kyle Zimmer, Antone, Caleb Smith got me 12.2 IP, 12Ks, 0.74 ERA and 0.49 WHIP Add in 2 starts from a Darvish and a Tony Disco with 4-5 true RPs and im looking at roughly 25-30IP.
  11. Im in several with min IP per week and it ranges from 20-30 IP. This is feasible with 4-5 of these guys and 1 or 2 starters and 3-4 true relievers
  12. I guess it was implied when i responded. Yeah those leagues im referring to dont have holds as a cat but they do lean more towards the ratios....K/9, BB/9 etc. Its really just a matter of doing the math and what strategy you want to implement (punt W or QS and go for ratios or just boost your rotation on off days). If you roster 3 or 4 of these guys its like adding an ace to the rotation, you just have to stay vigilant on roster mgmt.
  13. Depends on the format. I play in a few leagues with low min IP and categories skewed towards ratios. Guys like Whitlock are golden with the SP/RP designation. I can field a roster with Whitlock, Caleb Smith, Carson Fulmer, Antone, Kopech, Zimmer etc and kill the ratios between spot starts between a few traditional starters.
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