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  1. This is the Rowdy Tellez thread right?
  2. Got him at pick 286 in my draft and hold 15 teamer. Steamer is actually higher than ATV but roughly...600 plus AB's with anywhere from 18-22 HRs, 80-90 runs, 65-75 RBIs with a .270/.380 solid value in a UT/CI slot
  3. Reported that Brandon Woodruff will open tomorrow and Gio will bulk
  4. Fresh off the press...... ....https://blogs.fangraphs.com/reports-of-kyle-seagers-decline-have-been-greatly-exaggerated/
  5. Nobody is taking his contract. He is the type of veteran FA the Ms will be looking for in 2-3 years, might as well ride him into the sunset Ill leave you with this....
  6. In a shortened season, he is on pace for 5.5 WAR, 40 homers, 87 runs and 106 rbis. Pretty impressive turnaround from the last two seasons.
  7. whoa whoa guy, i didnt realize it was an inflammatory question
  8. In all fairness, Edwin Jackson is on his 30th team in the last 3 years
  9. Thoughts on Pagan when Alvarado comes back? Surely he has done enough to lock it down right?
  10. news for guys chasing saves...seattle needs a closer now and maybe atlanta shakes it up with the chris martin addition
  11. How about that Quantrill bulk though, hot damn.
  12. Well looky here @taobball Not sure if anyone noticed but Allen was called up the last weekend for sat and sun. Went 4/6 with a HR and triple...okay, alright. What was he doing prior to the callup?? (last month @ Columbus) slashing .318/.345/.589, 9 XBH in 85 ABs, 23 Runs/13 RBIs, 5 out of 6 SB attempts along with a 10% K rate Naquin has been serviceable the last month.....253/.294/.557 13 RBIs/11 Runs, soooo is this just a short stint or does Allen push for PT?
  13. Here are the strictly bulk numbers (game start numbers were omitted). Some of these guys are more suited to point leagues but Ive been rolling with Beeks/LeBlanc/Pena/Milone and Chirinos (early on) in my roto leagues and it has paid off big time. 1. Wade LeBlanc Sea SP, RP 3-0, 2.97 era, 1.09 whip 27 Ks – 39.1 IP 2. Felix Pena LAA SP, RP 6-1, 4.89 era, 1.25 whip 66 Ks – 57 IP 3. Jalen Beeks TB RP 5-0, 2.79 era, 1.29 whip 51 Ks – 61.1 IP 4. Ryan Ya
  14. Nuance just doesnt fare well these days
  15. I dont think there is any doubt that Jake made a bad decision but this notion that he was intentionally trying to demolish Lucroy is just plain weird. Its as if some folks prefer that narrative...there are other shows on TV if you need that drama in your life, these guys are professionals.
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