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  1. I am in 12 team 5x5 roto league. One of the managers wants to trade for a pitcher as his Gallen and Lamet went DL. I am trying to trade for his Ketel Marte with my Musgrove + 1. Would adding Williams or Ohtani (batter) seem fair enough or do I need to give up more? Any other suggestions on acquiring Marte with list of my players? Thank you for your help in advance.
  2. I am dead last on most of my pitching categories. I just traded away Baez for Bauer and Abreu to improve my pitching. Now, another manager is trying to sell Buehler panicking. I am thinking about offering Soto for Buehler and Heyward. What do you guys think? Stay put or upgrade my pitching even further? Thanks for your advice in advance.
  3. I would definitely pick up Kang and Thames. Kang is killing it in minors right now and Thames is a streaky hitter you might want to take a chance on. Marwin or Mallex is easily replaceable.
  4. I am thinking about trading Benintendi for DeGrom. I am on 2nd place and most my hitter's categories are fine except the SB. However, my pitching has been mediocre past 2 weeks (recently acquired Bauer) and I am thinking about acquiring DeGrom. I love Benintendi but I feel like his value is at a peak now and I think I can spare him with Belt and Myers coming from DL. What do you guys think? Am I giving up too much? Or should I stay put and wait on my pitching? I am in redraft 5x5 roto league. As always, your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I don't see this helping you much if not neutral. DeGrom is definitely tier above Morton (even with recent success) and Rizzo will go on a tear soon. Arenado is clearly better player but as a whole, I don't see this deal helping you this year. However, like you mentioned it may help your keeper situation and it may come down to how Osuna situation gets resolved.
  6. I am being offered Carrasco and Puig for my Freeman. I feel like I can use another solid pitcher in my team but Carrasco has been struggling lately. I can try to pitch in for Brantley instead of Puig but I doubt he would take it. What do you guys think? This is redraft 5x5 roto league. Thanks in advance.
  7. Someone just offered me Jose Ramirez and Tim Anderson for my Yelich and Keuchel. I like Ramirez a lot and I would like to take the offer but I would have to fill in my OF spot (I am dropping Buxton to activate Reyes today) and my infielders will be too crowded. I am not so sure on Anderson either. Any thoughts? This is standard 5x5 redraft roto league. As always, your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Buxton was dropped in my league and I am planning to pick up off the waiver. I am thinking about dropping either A.Miller (he doesn't seem right this year) or Greene (I have 3 other closers to spare). What do you think? Your help is greatly appreciated.
  9. I am being offered Freeman and Ohtani (Pitcher) for my Syndergaard and Rendon. Am I giving up too much? I know Syndergaard hasn't really been effective this season but I am not sure if I can afford to give him up. I am in 5x5 Standard Roto league. No Keeper. Thank you for your advice in advance.
  10. Who do you like better? I have Smoak now but thinking about dropping him for Belt. Standard redraft 5x5 roto league. Thanks for your help in advance.
  11. Chase Anderson was just dropped in my league and I am thinking about replacing Aaron Sanchez with Anderson. Any thoughts? It is standard roto league, no keeper. Thanks!
  12. It's a non-keeper league. And yes, Pham's eye problem along with his ST struggle worries me. I will stick with Acuna for now. Thanks all for your help.
  13. I am being offered Pham for my Acuna. I like Pham but he is struggling in ST and I was pretty high on Acuna this year. I feel like my OF can use some help but I am not sure if this trade would help me much. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Suarez for me. He looks to be locked in right now and Garza is prone to giving up homers.
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