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  1. Since you pretty much won last night off of Kamara anyway I think I would go ahead and start Wilson because he's safer than the other options. Thanks for helping with mine.
  2. Very tough indeed. I think I would start Wilson. Gibson and Robinson are both too sketchy and I like Wilson more than Gaskin. That's a messy situation. Thanks for helping with mine. I'll roll with Wilson if you do.
  3. Non-PPR need to fill RB2 and FLEX. Pretty set on flexing Robinson, but pretty torn on Hunt or Wilson. Not seriously considering Bell. Allen Robinson Kareem Hunt Jeff Wilson Jr Le'Veon Bell
  4. Arians calling run on first down every fresh set of downs. RoJo killing it but maybe mix it up?
  5. Yeah the thing is holes are required for running backs to make plays, but once the back breaks through the line it's usually on them to turn a decent run into a big play. In this case RoJo had some great blocks and a huge hole but he turned it into a big gainer. Troy should have given him credit for that.
  6. That was a huge hole for RoJo but he made a great cut to make it a big run.
  7. I think he looks good too. I'm an owner but unbiased. If my guys suck they suck, my feelings won't be hurt. But RoJo has objectively been good all night.
  8. Well it kinda was the refs because they called it wrong on the field to begin with.
  9. Came here to suggest him. Guess everybody just hates NE RBs? Michel is hurt, Burkhead is solid, but Harris looks like he could be the main guy if it is possible to declare one in NE. James White will always have his 3rd down role of course, but Harris looked good last night in his first career start.
  10. Wait and see for sure. Hoping he gives us a reason to get excited this weekend or next. I don't put any stock in what he did last week, he had been with the team for like 4 days.
  11. In that case I'll take the title solo with a 6-4 advantage over @hgh22. Thanks for settling things @tonycpsu!
  12. Quietly had a strong final week of the season. Can't wait for BSOHL reports in February 2021. He will breakout next year. Book it.
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