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  1. Think I'm gonna have to cut bait here.
  2. Scooped for a flyer. I love getting burned by guys like this.
  3. This guy and McMahon were both Coors bump lotto tickets a few years back and both have gone off this week to suck us all back in.
  4. He will wind up moving up to either 3rd of 4th. I have a feeling Semien or Hernandez is going to have a down year, maybe both. I hope it's not Teoscar because I'm a share holder.
  5. I'm ready to get burned by him for the 10th time.
  6. Big year coming I can feel it in my bones.
  7. From reading this thread I come to the conclusion that if you take away Mike Trout's homers he's not nearly as valuable of a fantasy asset.
  8. His ceiling in Miggy/Pujols prime. He could be a .330/120/45 guy. He is as gifted as any hitter we've seen in a long time.
  9. Post hype sleeper I'm keeping coming into the season. Has nasty stuff but like many young guys struggles with command learning how to pitch vs throw. I'll take my chances on him figuring things out this year.
  10. This guy a stud? Excited to see what he does this year.
  11. He was so so bad last year but I'll take a look at him super late this year. Will not be a long hold for me if I grab him and he struggles out of the gate again.
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