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  1. yeah but dang he did nothing otherwise either bad timing....
  2. Tick tock, the Keenum game is in two hours ... Any more advice is appreciated
  3. interesting ... can you give a hint as to why you wouldn't start Cousins?
  4. Tough call in a two QB non-ppr league I think Cousins and Keenum are the natural plays but Keenum will be at GB freezing cold Saturday night. Could get pulled after a lead, could underperform, etc Winston is so inconsistent and, well, generally not great
  5. Welp, with Hunter out, any reason besides desperation to pick him up?
  6. I don't wanna say Goodwin just bc I am playing him but Goodwin Drake Cooks
  7. I think I may have said this before but I like Sanu as a hedge on Julio in this circumstance http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689176-dede-westbrook-vs-dez-bryant-whir/?tab=comments#comment-7645297
  8. One thing I've learned this morning is, you should probably play Mike Davis today Also you already said on mine you're playing Westbrook, so I assume you made your mind up about that Just putting this here in case anyone else wants to trade help THANKS
  9. I would start Davis per yahoo Rams give up 2nd most points to RB http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689176-dede-westbrook-vs-dez-bryant-whir/?tab=comments#comment-7645297
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