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  1. Uhhh, I live 20 minutes North of Boston and woke up to this today, it was snowing until around 1PM.
  2. Command was iffy today, but no human being on the Braves really squared anything up on him. I'm thinking Yahoo! might need to make an edit to his 1625th ranking.
  3. This dude is neck and neck with Marco Gonzalez for worst pitcher in the league right now. I can't even remember how I got sucked into thinking he was good now.
  4. At this point 40-40 kind of seems like his floor and we should be hoping for 50-50.
  5. Red Sox announcers this weekend said he might be the slowest left fielder they had ever seen. Noted the 3rd base coach was sending anyone on anything hit to left. He's hitting just as poorly at the DH spot in the early going though, so hopefully it's just a regular slump.
  6. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he came back and didn't attempt a steal all season. Why would the Padres risk a potential season ending injury by having him slide into 2nd when they have a solid lineup behind him that can drive him in without the extra bag?
  7. Is that last spot taken?! I want in the Growing Pains league.
  8. This just seems like Patricia playing Nagy games to me.
  9. Loved him as a 12th rounder, and started hating him as the 4th/5th rounder he has become. Superflex PPR draft last night got stuck with LeVeon as my RB2, kind of led me to take Gibson in the 7th (80th). Looking back at it this morning and seeing I passed on Fournette, Singletary, Akers, & Montgomery makes me feel uncertain. I think the key to his fantasy season will be if he can turn into the garbage time check down workhorse.
  10. The hype when something like this happens a week before the season is always insane. Washington still has a bottom 5 O-Line and the WORST starting QB in the entire league. These things don't get better by releasing AD.
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