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  1. So I'm one of the few unlucky enough to be in a league with 2 week play offs where week 17 counts unfortunately. Good news is I'm up 29 point going into the second week. Bad news is AB is out and it seems Kareem Hunt very likely won't play this week. Have solid RB's (Fournette who god willing doesn't end up sitting) and Ingram. At Flex would you guys stick with Hunt, or the only other half a** decent options would be Peyton Barber or Mike Davis. Mainly scared Hunt doesn't play at all and was thinking one of those two might at least put up 7-9 points hopefully. Thank
  2. I think I'm more towards Thomas and Gordon, but it is hard to bench Theilen, can you not start all 3?
  3. I agree with Boogie, as much as Anderson has helped me in recent weeks and as shady as the Bronco's D has looked this season Harris and Talib are still scary. I'd go Freeman and Burkhead.
  4. I think I'd be good with this given that Olsen still isn't 100%.
  5. I go Gordon here as well had a solid first game back against an upper tier defense and GB secondary is pretty bad to my knowledge. I think he gets his on volume of targets alone. Any Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687258-star-alfred-morris-or-burkhead-this-week-whir-100/
  6. I go Cook myself, especially if Cooper doesn't play would mean more targets spread around. Help with mine please? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687258-star-alfred-morris-or-burkhead-this-week-whir-100/
  7. I say Jones, Gordon, Anderson. Anderson has somewhat quietly been a top 5 scoring WR over like the last 5+ weeks and I think Gordon has a great week based on volume alone. Julio is a tougher call as he has surprisingly been a little more boom or bust that usual this season but he's just difficult to bench. Help with mine?
  8. Half point PPR Morris @ Giants Burkhead @ Dolphins First round of the play offs and looks like its going to be a pretty close match up. Morris I would think should get the guaranteed volume but still a tough call. Thanks in advance and leave a link WHIR.
  9. I go Hogan, Adams, Allen as well I'm thinking Funchess may have the big game out of Carolina.
  10. I would drop either Parker or Crowell for Wentz. Sorry for the late reply got busy at work and forgot. Probably would lean towards Parker, I doubt you end up using Crowell much but since you said you were worried about depth.
  11. Sorry got busy at work and forgot to reply, yeah as others have said you are getting the best player out of the deal so I would take it for sure. Would probably end up dropping Crowell though depending on who's on the wire.
  12. Very small sample size for Martin but he did look great in the 1 game he played. I think if I was in your situation I would probably accept this as I'm not really a fan of any of your current RB's aside from somewhat Kamara. The others and hell him too really aren't anyone I would trust on a weekly basis. Also Baldwin is no slouch and your remaining WR corp is solid already. If you aren't interested in Baldwin you could attempt to shop AJ for a 1 - 1 trade maybe for someone like Freeman possibly or around that tier. Would be nice if you could get someone like Fournette but I doubt most pe
  13. Would you guys start Funchess tonight VS the Eagles or Pryor on Sunday VS the 49ers? Thanks in advance and WHIR
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