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  1. Traded Merrifield in a deal to acquire Huira.
  2. Thats not my firm line up.Just how it sits now.I'll take it day by day and match up based who's in or out.I know after my big 2 my SP is a lot of ? but im hoping to catch some lightning in a bottle with a few of them at least.Best available FA SP's are: Cueto,Shark,Keller(KC)Means,Eovaldi,Lyles,Smyly,Miley,Hill,Gausman,Davies,Shoemaker,Wainwright,Eflin,Duffy,Mahle.Junis And then a few SP/RP types like Burnes,Peralta,Peacock Any switches you guys think I should make?Keep in mind out league ways HR's and SP wins and K's the highest.SP owns our league.Even so so starts give enough
  3. Fantrax 10 team,points dynasty.30 man rosters(17 active/13 reserve)6 IR spots and 10 man prospect rosters.Stats we use: R,1B,2B,3B,HR,RBI,BB,IBB,SO,SB,GIDB,CYC IP,H,ER,BB,K,CG,SHO,NH,PG,W.L,SV,BLS,H We start a C,1B,2B,3B,SS,3OF,1UTIL 5SP,3RP This is my current roster: C- Ramos 1B- Hoskins,EE 2B- Merrifield 3B- Ramirez,Machado(SS)Sano SS- Story OF- Trout,Soto,Castellanos,Gallo Util- Cruz,K.Davis SP- Cole,Degrom,Darvish,Woodruff,MadBum,Canning,Stroman,R.Lopez,Urquidy,Gibson,J.Gray,Matz,Houser RP- Maeda(SP),Anders
  4. 10 team points,dynasty.My starting 3b is JoRam and currently have both Sano and Turner on my bench.Dont need 3 3B so looking to drop 1 but cant decide which one.Most rankings have them close.I see it as Sano has more potential/upside but Turner is "safer".I was runner up in the league last year,losing in the final by like 20 points so looking to get there again and actually win it this year.So please help,Turner or Sano?Who is the drop? Thanks!
  5. Thanks but dont have the time for contract based leagues.I find them very time consuming and with 2 little kids and what not dont have the time to devote to such,thanks anyways man.
  6. Super active with 12+ years fantasy experience.I currently am part of a Fantrax keeper that Ive been in a few years but would like 1 more league this year.If anybody has either a Fantrax or Yahoo free league opening (keeper or dynasty preferred)Hit me up.You cant find a more active owner..lead every league im a part of in trades,adds/drops.Always tinkering and love to wheel and deal/talk trade. winklerstud@yahoo.com
  7. winklerstud@yahoo.com Keep me in mind if another spot opens up,sounds like my kind of league!
  8. 10 team h2h fantrax dynasty.Each team has a 10 man minors bench.These are my current 10.Im not a big prospects guy and Im going for it this year so dont laugh to hard when you see my minors. C- Sean Murphy 1B- Nate Lowe 3B- Jordan Groshans SS- Ronny Mauricio OF- Julio Rodriguez SP- Braylin Marquez,Shane McClanahan,Luis Medina,Edward Cabrera RP- James Karinchak I mostly target guys close to the show that can help asap with some longer term exceptions.There are some good ones still in FA im looking at but not sure if I should make a switch and who would be
  9. Sure I'll take a spot.I use discord already for other leagues so no problem! winklerstud@yahoo.com
  10. Have done a lot of different forms of fantasy hockey and have found that points only keepers/dynasty are my favorite.Not involved in one this year but would really like to land a spot in a good points only keeper or dynasty.Must be free and on Fantrax.Will consider the right situation on Yahoo.Im the most active GM you'll ever find...hit me up if your league has a spot!
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