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  1. Yeah go with Wentz. Carolina has had a week to prepare against Herbert so I think he comes back down to earth this week
  2. I think to stay put as Dobbins has a better situation for years. Thanks for the help on mine
  3. 12-team full PPR Lazard or Corey Davis at Flex? Davis with the better matchup but Lazard could get a lot of looks with Adams out but he also might be covered all day by Lattimore. Thanks for the help and leave a link!
  4. In full PPR I would go Fuller. I imagine Houston will have to play catch up a lot against Baltimore and Fuller will catch more passes. Thanks for the help with mine!
  5. I agree with the above, your team is already too weak at RB to trade away Hines. Even in half PPR, he will be solid. With Coner hurt, you do have Snell, but there could be issues with Coner playing but not at 100%. I think with Golladay back, your WRs are solid. Thanks for the help with mine!
  6. 10-team, 1/2 point ppr. Cam or Kyler? Goedert or Hurst? Goedert looking really strong and the Rams give up big numbers to TEs. Hurst going against Dallas and they were really bad against TEs last season but locked down Higbee last week and ATL to throw a lot. Leave a link below. Thanks!
  7. Where does he say it's a keeper league? He says he can keep Torres and Whit as MI option, I assumed as he can keep them in those roster spots if Story (at SS) is traded. 🤷‍♂️
  8. I like Croenworth for your needs and he's been solid (but I'm biased 😉). Or, I think Bohm should be owned and could help you out with Devers struggling. Maybe you drop Alberto for one of them, but that's a coin-flip for me. For SPs, I think ride Sheffield right now and drop Lopez (Reynaldo?). Good luck! Help with mine? (Now with a 3rd option haha)
  9. I like that trade to upgrade to Dozier for you. I agree that Sixto and Manaea are probably a wash ROS. Good luck.
  10. I would keep Story and try to move Whit for Belli instead, especially after Belli's start to the season. Help with mine?
  11. A 3rd option presented itself to me. Fried and Fletcher for Merrifield. So it comes down to giving up Fletcher to have either Blackmon or Merrifield. Leaning towards Merrifield b/c of SBs and Blackmon has gone ice cold over the past 2 weeks. If I trade Fletcher, I can move K. Marte to SS and pick up Wilmer Flores or Didi for SS as I mentioned before. Or, would you rather keep Fletcher and just get Ozuna in return? Thanks!
  12. Hate to not present a different line of thinking, but I agree that Story is the choice here. Good luck! Help with mine?
  13. Clevinger for me as well. He's a top-10 arm and worst case, he gets traded and learns his lesson and restarts on a new team. Thanks for the help with mine!
  14. I like the counter you proposed, but unless the other team really needs help with SP then I don't think it gets accepted. But, moving on from Devers and rolling with Urshela at 3B will be worth the upgrade of Eloy. Help with mine?
  15. Yeah I think you make that trade. Yelich has been better of late and will put things together and Altuve hasn't been terrible. Thanks for the help with mine!
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