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  1. FWIW, I've noticed multiple of his line drives turn into outs.
  2. Gallo's power plays in the Grand Canyon. So no.
  3. They noted on the broadcast last night that since July of last year (a full year of ABs) he has the highest OPS in MLB.
  4. Didn't he sit against the last lefty they faced?
  5. I'm a big McNeil fan and think he'll be much more valuable this time next year. Reminds me of Daniel Murphy.
  6. I understand the hesitancy in overvaluing spring training stats, but McMahon does pass the eye test so far this year. Should be interesting to watch.
  7. Been awhile no doubt. But that is not something owners will point to in May and beyond.
  8. Where you saying this during Spring Training last year?
  9. Colorado has traditionally relied on the 3-run HR. And for good reason. Having said that, if used properly, Hampson could be a huge weapon at the top of the lineup. OBP + Speed + at least average power + defense. Give it time to play out. i will admit that I generally dislike owning young players for Colorado and Tampa.
  10. I'm not a McMahon owner (I own Hampson), but I feel that McMahon will be given the strong side platoon to start. It's up to him to take advantage of it. Hampson has more versatility and better defense, which will likely get him in the lineup more and more throughout the season. I wouldn't overreact to anything for either player. Just stash and let it play out (if you can). FWIW, I think McMahon's situation will be evident quicker than Hampson's.
  11. Saw this in a Denver Post article this morning. not sure if there is anything to take away from it, but it was specifically brought up in the article. Worth noting: Manager Bud Black purposely used McMahon off the bench to see how McMahon would perform in that role.
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