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  1. I could use help in multiple offensive categories so everything being equal, who would you pick up for a U spot in a very deep H2H categories league? Wisdom, Dom Smith, Berti, or Baddoo? I can only pick up one. Thanks!
  2. I fully expect him to give the rookies a talk about the have-to’s
  3. I’m in a deep 16 team H2H. Categories include the regular pitching categories but also K/9 and Saves + Holds. Should I drop Minter and/or Wendelken (low WHIP, High K/9) for Garcia and/or Valdez? Thanks
  4. Well I guess you wait till Monday night, look at your scores, if you need some extra points and he’s out, you drop him for the backup TE in DET
  5. Kupp in what should be a high scoring game, especially in full point ppr. Mixon, you have no idea his workload this week or how he will look coming back. Jones, Packers will try to run early but will get behind and throw.
  6. Brees...Rodgers against a tough D and still getting used to new offense vs what should be an aerial shootout makes me say Brees definitely this week...and you should try to trade one next week
  7. Best Draft Pick: Tim Anderson in the 16th or Stroman in the 24th Worst Draft Pick: Alvarado in the 18th or Piscotty in the 13th Best Add: Lance Lynn and Austin Riley (see best trade) Worst Drop: Lourdes Gurriel Best Trade: I got JD Martinez, Elvis Andrus, and Patrick Corbin for Austin Riley and Carlos Correa. Worst Trade: I got Aroldis Chapman for Will Smith and Bryan Reynolds. I was thinking Smith was going to get traded and he bet that he wasn’t or was going to retain his closer role. Oh well. That’s not bad for a season if that’s the worse. I also feel bad for not pulling the trigger on Matt Carpenter deals that were offered to me at the beginning of the season.
  8. I give Nolan Arenado I get Chris Sale, Aaron Nola, and Josh Donaldson It’s a keep any 5 forever league and the other owner wants to improve his keepers for next year since he’s out this year. I’m currently in second place. My team: c - Realmuto and Vasquez 1B - Rizzo 2B-Schoop 3B - Arenado SS - Anderson MI - Andrus and Fletcher CI - Encarnacion and Carpenter OF - Benintendi, JD Martinez, Choo, Robles, Hicks, and Garcia SP - Corbin, Price, Tanaka, Stroman, Lynn are my starters. Mikolas, Marquez, and Canning are my Bench. RP - Chapman and streamers Is the upgrade it pitching worth it to try and win this season? Or is the upgrade not enough to mortgage one of the top players in the league?
  9. Hosmer Olson Chavis This is my list knowing nothing else other than the names.
  10. For next week and beyond. David Fletcher 4@TEX, 3@HOU Or Kevin Newman 4vCHC, 3vMIL
  11. Right now I have LeClerc, but I could drop him for Gant or CMart since they’re both on waivers. Please rank these three ROS. To even possibly get both, I’d have to drop Aaron Hicks or Piscotty or my “worst” P other than LeClerc is Canning. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for mine. Honestly, I don’t like it, but you have the depth to take a chance. If this is the chance you’ve built that depth for, then go ahead. I know you’re really high on Vlad, but I’m more of a skeptic. I believe in Vlad a little more than the Riley you’re giving up. Then you add Kieboom (I’m guessing the MI) and Seager, who is already established. If you really think Vlad is the second coming of, well, Vlad Sr, then I understand you emptying your depth. You’ve done well building that depth so maybe you could rebuild it with the new roster spots.
  13. Thanks for mine. I would drop Mahle for Biggio then Avisail if he’s gone. With Alvarado getting some Save looks recently, I would hold just a little longer.
  14. Sell low on Matt Carpenter and Miles Mikolas for Tommy Pham? It’s a 5x5 H2H league where OBP replaces BA. In the OF, (we start 4) I currently have Robles, Benintendi, Piscotty, and Choo with Aaron Hicks on the bench. I have Rizzo, Arendado, Encarnacion, and Austin Riley for 1B, 3B, U, and CI. Carpenter is on the bench for now. My SP (start 5, QS instead of win and K/9 instead of K) are Marquez, Porcello, Tanaka, Price, Lynn, Mikolas, Aaron Sanchez, Griffin Canning, and Stroman on the bench this week. Take this deal in case Carp and Mikolas never figure it out?
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