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  1. I had a similar situation happen once. New guy in the league who knew nothing about football drafted number one overall and selected JJ Watt ( We play with IDP) He became the laughing stock of the league and people were looking forward to playing him as he was an easy victory. Came to me for advice and I helped him out a bit . No one had an issue with it until he beat the commish. knocking him out of the playoff picture. Got myself a lifetime ban from that league
  2. Ran into Gurley this week and I rocked his boat. Didn't matter who he had my team was just better.
  3. Dion Lewis or Jordan Howard Josh Gordon or Michael Thomas( Scared he would be a decoy) Washington or the Lions D Early one I thought it was over since I was facing the Gurley owner and Lewis hadn't done much. Dion Lewis and Washington's DEF saved the day. Michael Thomas scored more points than Gordon did.
  4. Stat correction! Happened to me last week. Thought I had lost by 3-4 points only for an hour later to show I was losing by less an 2 points followed by me winning by more than 2. Game this close suck as stat corrections are finalized until Wednesday by the NFL and hit most fantasy sites overnight into Thursday. Good Luck!
  5. I'm all for the Lakers youth movement and against them trying to sigh 2 max free agents( I don't think LeBron or Paul George are coming to LA. DMC now that's a different story). I rather see them sign one free agent and develop the young talent such as Randle. Let the guy play! He's been getting better and better every year.
  6. I feel like he has a boat load off untouched potential and agree when you say we haven't seen his ceiling yet. It pains me to say this as a laker fan but I feel like a change of team will help him become the player he can potentially be.
  7. Traded away Kemba Walker in a deep keeper league for Brandon Ingram & pieces. I wish I never made that trade but being a Laker fan I made that trade without thinking twice.
  8. I'm a laker fan and I def. don't want them to trade Ingram. Kids only 20 years old and has years ahead of him.
  9. He's worth a shot in deeper league. I like his game and hope he shines
  10. Drafted Gurley only to trade him 4 days before the season started for OBJ Traded OBJ for Julio. OBJ got hurt a week or two later. Finished the season number one overall and made it to the championship game. My opponent? The Gurley owner. Though I was toast watching Gurley go off. Washington and Dion Lewis saved the day and now I'm up 36 with Hopkins and Ertz vs Bryant, Jeffery and Jessie James Yahoo has me at a 90% favorite
  11. With some great/good ones on the way out. Big Ben might not come back Tom Brady is a year older ( will he ever regress though) Who knows if Andrew Luck will be the same Philip Rivers will be a year older (37) and so will Drew Brees (39) Maybe not next year but retirement must be coming soon. Regression. Matt Ryan ( Falcons fan here) isn't a QB1 next year Case Keenum is up in the air because who knows where he plays next year. Same thing with Alex Smith Dak in my opinion isn't top 10-12- then again I'm a cowboy hater so that drops him down a few spots
  12. Made the ship in two out of three leagues. How do you like my chances in this one? Yahoo has me as a 70-30 favorite but this guy was the 6th seed knocking out the 2nd & 3rd seed which has me a little worried. WHIR.. Thanks! 2 QB PPR league/ Passing TD's=4/All other=6 My Team His Team QB- Russell Wilson & Philip Rivers QB- Nick Foles/ Brock RB- Gurley, Bell RB- Gordon/McC
  13. Happened to me last year. Started out 5-2 before losing 6 in a row
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