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  1. For me at least on iOS, hit the little (i) icon above the chat window>Bot Messages>Draft Picks, League Transactions>Disable Hope that helps.
  2. It's just maintenance. https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN29281.html?impressions=true
  3. Absolutely droppable in a league with that format. Should be better options on the wire.
  4. As far as adjusting Yahoo lineups in the meantime, either use the mobile app or if you're using a browser on your team page, you can change the 'Roster Edit Mode' in the bottom right of the page to 'Classic Mode', and then make changes easily enough, selecting ' Save Changes' when finished. Works for me.
  5. Same. Running off my PS3 and hangs while loading any of the steams until I force-quit. Will probably be cleared up soon enough I should think.
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