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  1. This dude has the worst net rating on the team can he stop vacuuming all the fantasy stats already? thank you
  2. Devonte Graham man! Kendrick Nunn to a certain extent as well
  3. I'm pretty optimistic and was high on him when he was drafted. I think he's a good player who was in a tough situation in Philly and an even tougher situation in Minnesota. I'm hoping for a breakout year
  4. Back in early October, he was projected ahead of Bryant everywhere and his ADP was like 10/15 spots above him. This was before the preseason, so people weren't really sure about Bryant and were really high on Favors (in hindsight i dont know why - he's sharing the ball with lonzo, jrue and zion...)
  5. This guy was going in the 50s in all the mock drafts i was doing in late September. He fell to me during the draft at pick 65 (October 7th ish) and i panic picked him over Bryant... Biggest regret of the draft. Hope he proves me wrong.
  6. After getting unceremoniously dumped over the offseason, and being freed from Harden's ball dominant ways, I'm hoping he's motivated this year to prove something. On upside, I could see a return to Clippers form, feeding Adams for dunks and having Gallo, and SGA for spacing - but this is really a stretch goal. I drafted him mid 30 and feel pretty good about it.
  7. The title says it all. Currently rostering Trubisky and have the #1 waiver pick. Should I use it on Brady? Standard scoring, except 6 pts for passing touchdowns.
  8. I held him through his entire ankle injury without an IL spot for him. Enough is enough though. Dinwiddie was on the WW so payton had to go
  9. Hey, I have 30 team dynasty league starting if you are interested, email me tcavell1721@yahoo.com, thanks

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